Partitioning the Hard Drive

  Allan RISC OS user 17:08 03 Jul 2010

I have a new PC with Windows 7 64bit.

I have created a partition on the "C" Hard Drive of 100GB and it has a drive letter of "J" it appears to work correctly but when the computer is rebooted the drive is not visible. There's a short cut I created on the Desktop and an Icon with the title "Desktop". The only way I can get access to the "J" Drive is to go to "Computer Management", "Storage", "Disc Management", "More Actions", "Attach VHD" and enter the location which is the file on the Desktop named "Desktop" click OK and the drive will be usable until the next reboot.
Have I used the incorrect method for partitioning the "C" Drive? It was a long time ago when I partitioned my Hard Drive on my old HP t580 UK and I did not have this problem with the Drive not being available at Boot up. I was using XP at the time, not Windows 7.
I am using the VHD to store my Data as I understand it will not be lost if I have to re install the OS.
How can I over come the problem and have the drive available without resorting to the above.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:18 03 Jul 2010

I'm confused as VHD is making a virtual machine in 7??

It has nothing to do with saving your data in case of OS failure.

If you started off with 1 HDD, had DVD drives and card reader this is why you now have a J drive (next available letter).

If you need to reinstall the OS you can do it to C: while leaving J untouched therefore move My documents and store all photos documents etc. on J (but this will still not save you against a HDD failure you should always back up to another drive preferably and external one).

Go into disk management find J right click check properties format if necessary and it should then be available for use.

  Allan RISC OS user 18:25 03 Jul 2010

Thank you for your reply, I am confused about your first sentence I thought VHD was short for Virtual Hard Drive but I am not sure!
I agree that to be really safe I need to save my data to another medium.
So you think if I format the J drive it will then stop disappearing at re boot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 03 Jul 2010

Yes Virtual hard drive on the C partition you already have if OS fails then you cannot access the virtual hard drive you need a physical harddrive unaffected by OS failure.

"the drive will be usable until the next reboot"
as your rive is virtual it has to be mounted each time you boot the op system.

  Allan RISC OS user 19:53 03 Jul 2010

As I see then, if I install an extra physical Hard Drive and partition it as I did on my old PC the partitions will be seen and usable at Boot up?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:58 03 Jul 2010

Or you could partition the drive you already have, to separate OS from Documents.

I believe windows 7 disk management will let you partition the C: into two (XP would not partition drive with OS on).

However imaging OS partiton to another physical drive is proof against mechanical drive failure., drives are quite cheap nowadays.

  DieSse 00:26 04 Jul 2010

As this tutorial explains, VHDs are unattached at each reboot.

click here

click here

I guess what you've made is not just a new partition, but a VHD, which is different, and really for a different purpose.

I suggest you delete the VHD and make a normal partition.

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