Partitioning hard drive

  BlackButterfly73 22:28 07 Apr 2008

I have a PC with a 30GB C drive which has used 27GB and a 120GB D drive with 95GB free. Can I increase the size of my C drive without losing data on both disks?
What software should I use? I am running Windows XP Professional. My C drive only stores my Program files and D drive has my data.

  Jak_1 23:32 07 Apr 2008

You can not physically increase the size of the drive, you can however compress the data on the drive to give more space but I would not recomend doing this as it does slow things down a tad.

  Switcher 23:40 07 Apr 2008

Do you have Two separate disks or One disk partitioned to give one partition of 30Gb and another of 120Gb

  Ditch999 11:45 08 Apr 2008

Yes you can resize partitions but there is a risk you will lose everything. Could you not remove some programmes first?

  stylehurst 13:57 08 Apr 2008

It is possible to resize partitions without losing data (although it is always wise to do a back up of the partitions before you start just in case).
You will need a program like Acronis Director Suite which can be tried before buying.

  BlackButterfly73 20:14 08 Apr 2008

Switcher, In Disk Management it shows Disk0 having a total size of 149.05GB and that is split into two partitions C and D.

Ditch999, I am in the process of removing many of the unwanted programmes. Thanks for that bit of advice.

stylehurst, I do regular backups onto my external hard drive. Is Acronis Director Suite, easier to use then Partition Magic or GParted which I have heard so much about? I'm a bit nervous of doing this!

Thanks for the replies, I will attempt it over the weekend.

  Switcher 22:45 08 Apr 2008

Partition Magic or some similar program which allows Partioning "on the fly" will allow you to adjust the relative sizes of "c" and "d" without loss of any data.

  Quiller. 22:47 08 Apr 2008

I've used acronis for altering the C drive on a dozen or more occasions. A few mouse clicks, a reboot to alter the partitions and the job is done. It's easy, fast and fool proof.:-)

  BlackButterfly73 22:58 08 Apr 2008

Thanks for all the replies,it is much appreciated.

  woodchip 23:29 08 Apr 2008

If as you say you have Disc Director Suit 10 as I do, then it is easy to resize the Partition without Problems

  woodchip 23:30 08 Apr 2008

PS if you only have a Restore disc then you need to have at least one good Acronis Image Backup as the Restore disc will most likely not work after resizing

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