Partitioning Hard Disc

  jomusic 14:52 29 Apr 2003

I use my PC soley for Audio recording/Midi work
using Sonar2.
I'm soon to buy a software sampler (Giga Studio)
which ideally needs it's own Hard Disc.
My system does have two hard discs, one for programs etc, one for audio.
Would a disc partitioning software (like Partition Magic) effectively divide my two hard drives into three without any problems?

Also windows XP came on my first hard drive pre installed, this is also where my audio sits.
Could I safely move the operating system to the second hard drive without the computer throwing a wobbly?! Or would I have to point it in the right direction?

Thanks for any help.

  AndySD 15:22 29 Apr 2003

You dont need to buy Partition Magic use XP to do this if you only want to divide the second hard disk into 2 partitions. If so make sure it has no data on it as this will be lost. (save everything onto the first (c:) Drive.

Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Performance and Maintenance. Click Administrative Tools, double-click Computer Management, and then in the left pane, click Disk Management.

Right-click the drive and Choose Partition and set the size of the Partition and click OK when its finished click on the free space on the drive and make your next partition. Now right click on the new partitions and format them.

You cant safely move the Operating System but you could uninstall the Audio Program from Add/Remove Programs then Reinstall it from the cd and when it asks where to install point it towards one of the new partitions.

  jomusic 18:54 29 Apr 2003

Thanks, that's got me thinking!

Could I go one step further and uninstall windows after the partitioning process, to reinstall it on the new partition, thus freeing up C drive for all my audio, and the remaining third area for the new Sampler software?
so F:drive = WindowsXP and all programme files
C:drive = All recorded audio
D: drive = GigaStudio Sampler only

Sounds radical to my untrained ear, but is it possible?


  powerless 19:04 29 Apr 2003

Start new and fresh...

C = Windows

D = GigaStudio Sampler only

E = All recorded Audio

CD and any other drive letters will be changed automatically.

You may have to experiment with running GigaStudio Sampler running on Drive D (or whatever letter) as it may not work. Also some files may be put on to the XP partition

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