partitioning for dual boot with drive image 2002

  gizzyx 00:57 15 May 2003

i have win98 installed, and want to make a dual boot system with XP. i have drive image 2002 installed, which will enable me to create a new partition, but the help files tell me that an os has to be installed on a primary partition, and if i try to create a new partition, it creates a logical partition. how, with drive image, do i create a new primary partition. thanx in advance for any advice.

  Simsy 10:03 15 May 2003

at an early stage it asks something like, "Will you be installing an operating system on his partition?" If you answer "Yes" to this is understands that the partition needs to be a primary one.

Thats what happens in version 4 anyway.

I hope this helps,

Good luck,



  keith-236785 10:05 15 May 2003

You can only have One primary partition, this can then be split into logical drives ie. D:,E: etc. to dual boot 98 and xp you would first fdisk and create two partitions, then you would need to format both partitions and start then by installing win 98 on drive D:. once installed then you can install winxp on drive C:
. this will automatically create a boot option on start up.
Partitioning can be done "on the fly" by Partition Magic, don`t know about drive image 2002. if you can it would save fdisking but still win98 needs to go on drive D:
hope this helps

  Mango Grummit 10:31 15 May 2003

what paperman27 says there is not entirely true. I have three primary partitions on C. At any given time two are hidden of course. I do not use XP so this is as far as I'm going here because there are some differences I think which will be better addressed by an XP dual boot person.

  keith-236785 12:44 15 May 2003

Mango Grummit thanks, i have just learnt something, next time i fdisk i will try getting three primary drives on c:

  leo49 13:58 15 May 2003

You can actually have a maximum of 4 Primaries on a HDD - 3 can contain OS's and the 4th the extended partition containing logicals.


  leo49 14:04 15 May 2003

You know Drive Image is not really the program to use for this - how are you trying to use it?
Surely it's safer and far easier to use Partition Magic?

  zanwalk 17:10 15 May 2003

Partition Magic is really what you need as leo49 says, however, as you have DI2002, you could make an image of your W98 and, providing that you have a CDRW, transfer the image to CD, install XP, being careful to go for the 'advanced' installation and not the upgrade, XP will create the partition for you and install, hopefully, without upsetting the existing W98. If all goes well you will be presented with a boot menu at boot up with W98 and XP to choose from, if it all goes wrong you have the insurance of that image.

  Simsy 19:48 15 May 2003

Good point....

My advice above refers to Partition Magic, not Drive Image! Apologies for any confusion!



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