rotormota 18:04 09 Apr 2009

I've always avoided partitioning drives due to the apparent complicated process involved but today I did need to add a partition to a spare external drive. I downloaded EASEUS Partition Manager freeware & found the the process was actually quick & easy.

Isi it worth partitioning my main C drive to improve PC performance. I have read that having the operating system in one section & data in another is good?


  (~oo~) 18:17 09 Apr 2009

Partitioning your C drive is much more difficult than doing an external disk. You need the correct software and one slip could damage your information on your C drive.

All tests show you get no benefit from partitioning your main drive and you could even slow it down, minusculey.
Far better to backup and save your data to your external drive.

  stlucia 19:53 09 Apr 2009

I have a single drive which is partitioned into 5 drives -- Windows + programs, photos, documents, music, and video. I don't know if it's slowed down my PC at all, but I just find it more convenient that way. Everything is periodically backed up onto a separate external HDD.

  laurie53 19:55 09 Apr 2009

It's really a matter of personal preference.

I invariably partition my hard drive so that the O/S is on its own partition.

My view, and like I said it's entirely personal, is that it makes it easier to keep the drive clean, and also makes it much more simple to reinstall the o/s should it become necessary.

Other mebmers will tell you that it's a waste of time and does more harm than good!

  ICF 20:00 09 Apr 2009

The biggest benefits of partitioning a hard drive is cost and if windows gets corrupted/infected with a virus and won't boot up.You can easily fix it without loosing all your data.Really the best solution is to use something like acronis and make an image of your drive and your up and running in no time but it cost money to purchase the software.

  rdave13 20:06 09 Apr 2009

C drive is one partition and backup on an external hdd. Can't see the need to multi- partition a hard drive. Anyone suggest the benefits? Can't see the reasoning behind that it's easier to keep the drive clean through having various partitions.
As laurie53 says, it's what you prefer but I can't see the benefits myself.

  rdave13 20:08 09 Apr 2009

Possibly that one.... :)

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