Partitioned Laptop drives. Transferring from C to D mistake

  bristolgirl 10:13 22 Jul 2012

Hi I've made a very silly error yet again and I really hope that you can all help me.

I have a laptop that is partitioned with a C and D drive. My C drive is full and my D drive empty. On the advice from ASUS, I cut my Itunes from my C drive and pasted it into my D Drive. (Although it still appears to be in my C Drive). When I plugged in my Ipad to my laptop to sync, I got this message on Itunes:-

*The iPad "myname's ipad" is synced with another iTunes Library. An iPad can be synced with only one iTunes library at a time. What would you like to do? "Erase and Sync" replaces the contents of this ipad with the contents of this iTunes library. "Transfers purchases" copies iTunes stores purchases this computer is authorised to play from this ipad to this iTunes library.*

I chose to cancel this action and have since been informed by someone on the Itunes forum that I can't just cut and paste, it all has to be done through Itunes itself. So, I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to do a System Restore but for some reason, I can't fathom (probably me being completley stupid again) I don't have any restore points. I tired to cut and past Itunes back to the C Drive but of course, I don't have any room.

I'm at a complete loss as to what to do next. Which is why I am here asking for your advice. I've a feeling that I should move something else onto my D Drive and then try moving Itunes back but after my this experience, I am very hesitant on what I should be choosing.

Would very much appreciate any answers and advice!

  robin_x 11:12 22 Jul 2012

Are you using XP, Vista or 7? And what sizes are C and D?

If Vista or 7, you could temporarily free up a few GB on C: by disabling hibernation. XP also has hibernate but it is usually smaller.

Running Ccleaner will also free a bit of space.

That should allow you to copy iTunes back.


Seeing as you haven't been using D: partition, there is no point in having it. You might as well just have one big C: partition.

Start run diskmgmt.msc. If C and D are next to each other, you can delete D (when empty) and expand C to fill the Unallocated space. Right click the partition for options.

If Disk Management options are greyed out, use Easeus Partition Master instead.

If C and D are not next to each other, you have to delete D and move the intervening partitions to the right, so that C has Unallocated space to the right of it. Then you can make C bigger.


These problems are much easier if you had an external drive. You can also make sure you have secure backups too. You may lose everything sometime.

Ext HDD 500GB-1TB £50-80

  bristolgirl 11:29 22 Jul 2012

Thank you robinofloxey for your reply! It is very much appreciated.

I should have said already that I am running on Windows 7. Apologies. My D drive is 205gb and my C drive is 72.6gb. (feeling really stupid now)!

I have got an external hard drive. A CBA digital 60gb Hard Drive but I have never got on with it. It comes up with Chinese looking characters when I try to use it, which puts me off and of course it just isn't big enough I guess.

I do have my Itunes, photos and documents backed up to various memory sticks and/or sugarsync and dropbox.

Is it OK to go straight ahead and disable the hibernation or should I wait and invest in a better external drive before I start?

Many thanks!!

  robin_x 11:46 22 Jul 2012

Go ahead now. Ext drive can wait. Just bear in mind.

You are backed up anyway, even if not in one convenient place.

You maybe able to get away without one. I didn't think you had anything.

  KRONOS the First 11:51 22 Jul 2012

Why would you buy such a small external drive, at 60GB that is worse than useless to be quite honest. Is it one of these things? 60GB ex.

If you have your itunes folder backed up then you can either move your itunes library How.

Or if this is not possible then un-install the current itunes Here and then re-install a fresh copy to the D drive and copy the contents of your backed up itunes folder to the new itunes folder on your D drive.

  bristolgirl 13:24 22 Jul 2012

Yes you are right Chronus. I was completely stupid of me and I really shouldn't be let loose on a computer. But when all is well, it does make me happy and I seem to be the only one in the family who will try and get things sorted. No computer geek here, just me stabbing in the dark!

Your link is the right one to my hard drive.

I like the idea that robinofloxey suggested about getting rid of my partition and so far have just run ccleaner. Although, after your helpful link about how to change itunes to my D Drive, I am in 2 minds as I guess that this is what I was trying to achieve.

Oh, I've confused myself haven't I? Apologies! I really do appreciate any help and support given.

Just to say, that I have now followed robinofloxyes' instructions and have disabled my hibernation. I have put itunes back to the C drive. So thank you! Should I be re-enabling my hibernation again now?

  bristolgirl 13:34 22 Jul 2012

Oh no! I am still getting the same message when I try to sync. What have I done?

  robin_x 20:51 22 Jul 2012

I'd leave hibernate off till you get a decent amount of space on C. (how much is free now?).

What iTunes sync message do you get?

Others will have to answer that, I don't use it. (do Chronus' links help?)

  Terry Brown 21:26 22 Jul 2012

On XP you can move the documents folder to another drive by tghe following method. I assume Window 7 is similar.

First Create a folder on your D drive called (e.g. documents new) From the Desktop Right click on My Documents and select Properties Change the default address to the new folder Select Move . All the files will be transferred to the new drive (and removed from C: drive).

All furture documents will go direct to D: drive , however they will still be accessable from ther desktop shortcut.

This is also a good idea for all users because if (when) your system crashes your working data will stil be safe.

This will release a lot of space on your C: Drive. Terry

  bristolgirl 10:31 23 Jul 2012

Thank you both for your replies? I am so grateful for your support.

Am I right in thinking that it is a good idea to get my drives sorted and what is stored on them before sorting out my Itunes problem? I'm not sure what order to do things in. My C drive is now 71.3gb used and 1.31gb free. My D drive is 4.03gb used (with what I don't know, as it shows it to be empty) and 201gb free.

Now I just want to double check before I make a awful error, as I did with Itunes. I don't really have any documents on my laptop. I only have 141mb, so I am thinking that maybe I should put my photos on the D Drive, of which I have 12.7gb worth of photos.

Sorry, lots of questions. I just need to double check everything before I actually go ahead and do it.

  robin_x 12:04 23 Jul 2012

Yes. You still need more space on C.

If you are keeping D, moving 12GB of photos to D will give you a decent working space on C again.

If you use any sort of Photo Management or Indexing software, you may have similar problems to iTunes. If they are just stored as jpgs in folders then they can be moved.

(really 71GB is a bit small, but if you are a bit worried about messing, leave it)

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