partitioned hard drive?

  auspom 15:42 05 Jan 2011

we are looking for a second hand tower for a spare pc and have seen one but says the hard drive has been partitioned.. obviously that means split in 2 but could anyone tell me what that means as far as performance or how the pc will work differently to what i am used to.. ty for any help as i dont know much about the technical side.. all the best and look forward to any replies

  961 15:56 05 Jan 2011

I wouldn't worry too much

It may well mean the operating system is on the second partition

You can easily change this with freely available software

What you need to concern yourself with is the spec of the computer, how old it is, the processor etc and if you are going to get a disk containing the operating system

You don't mention price or what you want the pc for

  john bunyan 16:00 05 Jan 2011

Some people, including me, like to partition a hard drive. In my case Ihave a 500 gig HD, with the C: partition of 100 gig and the balance (in my case F:) of about 400gig.
There is only one actual spinning disc, but each partition can be treated seperately.
I like to put all the Operating System (eg Windows 7) and other Programme files (such as MS Office 2007, Photoshop, etc) on the C: Partition but all the data I generate (My Documents with music, word, pictures etc and my e Mail ) on the data(F) partition.
The advantage is partulaly seen in backing up. I use Freefilesynch or Synch Toy to make frequent "mirror" copies of the data partition to a seperate USB HD so if there is a disaster and the main drive has a problem I have back ups of all my data. To keep back ups of the OS and other programme files short of a complete format and reinstall (when you would lose the data) You need a proper back up programme - not just copies, Windows 7 has this feature but most here prefer Acronis True Image for this purpose.

  GaT7 16:02 05 Jan 2011

Yes, a hard disk can be divided into 2 (or more) partitions.

A drive that has 2 partitions will behave like two separate drives. Likewise, a drive partitioned into 3, 4 or more partitions.

It's usually done for greater flexibility & to better manage one's hard drive & its contents, but it doesn't always suit everyone (read the guide in the link below).

Yes, the PC will work as normal.

Partitions can always be combined into one if required or desired at any time. In this circumstance, to keep the OS intact (i.e. PC booting as normal), you'll need specialised partitioning software to achieve it. But if you were starting afresh (i.e. fresh OS install) you can simply use the Fdisk & Format commands at the beginning of the OS install to achieve the same - i.e. to combine all the partitions into one.

You can read why partitioning can be helpful & used by to some in this useful guide click here, especially starting from the heading 'The Problem' a little lower down. G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:03 05 Jan 2011

If the operating system is on one partition and the data is stored on the other this then means that if the operating system goes faulty and needs reinstalling the data (docs, photos etc.) are not affected.

Also allow you to take an image of the operating system and it can then be restored very quickly.

  auspom 16:05 05 Jan 2011

Dell Dimension 3000 Desktop PC.

Intel Celeron 330 Processor, 2.66gh.

Seagate 40gb Hard Drive.

1gb DDR RAM, (upgraded from original).

Brand new CD.DVD writer installed, (never used).

17" Flat Panel LCD Monotor. (upgraded from original).

Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers.

Windows Installation Disc.

Dell Installation discs.

AVG Internet Security. (Free Version).

Iolo System Mechanic (Trial version).

Wi Fi enabled.

User Manual.

The hard drive has been wiped and windows reinstalled.

this is another one we have seen
it will mainly be used for social networking
ebay etc
and a few games
and its only £99
what do you think?
ty again for help

  GaT7 16:13 05 Jan 2011

Well, if it has been partitioned, then keep it as it is.

As the OS partition fills up, it will get slower. So try moving data to the 2nd partition whenever possible, & work to keep the OS partition with at least 50% free space at any given time for the best performance.

I have my drive partitioned. The OS (XP) resides on a 20Gb partition, which occupies about 7Gb - so there's around 70% free space. 99% of my data lies on other partitions (+ other drives) & this arrangement works well for me. G

  auspom 16:17 05 Jan 2011

this one above has not been partitioned and wondered what you thought of the specs for its price.. the partitioned one seems to much hassle but not sure what to do

  john bunyan 16:28 05 Jan 2011

Here is MS Minimum spec for Windows 7:

click here

  GaT7 16:40 05 Jan 2011

Not bad for the price if the original Windows OS disc & COA is also included. I would imagine it has XP on it?

You don't mention what games you'll be playing (so tell us what these are) & whether the PC has a dedicated graphics card. But as it only has PCI slots (from manual at click here), it's unlikely to have a very good graphics card to begin with, & you won't be able to get a good one either. G

  auspom 17:38 05 Jan 2011

crossbow7 thankyou for all your help, most of the games my family play are mainly on facebook

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