Partitioned disk - can I change sizes

  item 16:59 10 Nov 2006

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop with 80GB disk. It arrived with partitions C & D, 27.94GB and 39.60

Windows + user docs are all on C which is now almost full. Partition D is almost empty. Is there any way in which I can transfer some of the availble space on D to the C partition?

  GaT7 17:21 10 Nov 2006

Easiest way is to store your data files on D & put a shortcut to it in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents (it's what I do).

Another way is to resize the partition. But this is not without its risks, so you need to backup your data to removable storage before proceeding. If you want to try this, let me know & I'll talk you through the steps using a free program, like Paragon Partition Manager 2005 click here. G

  item 17:30 10 Nov 2006

OK, many thanks. Sounds like a better option than trying to repartition the disk

  GaT7 18:27 10 Nov 2006

Having the one shortcut may be a bit restrictive, so make as many as you need to. For an example this is what My Music folder in C: looks like click here. G

  woodchip 18:36 10 Nov 2006

Yes you can do what you want with this click here

  GaT7 18:41 10 Nov 2006

woodchip, why pay when you can do it for free? And that's a bit dear at the moment - Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 was just under £15 some months ago. G

  woodchip 18:43 10 Nov 2006

Yes I noted the price as gone up. But it does the job better than free programs, and is easy to use

  GaT7 19:14 10 Nov 2006

£29.99 to resize ONE partition - you cannot be serious : ).

PPM2005 wasn't a free program some months ago. It's easy to use & is quite capable with a range of tasks - may not be as powerful as ADDS10 but very acceptable to the average, everyday user. G

  woodchip 19:15 10 Nov 2006

It does more than Partition. You should Read. It is a Suite of Tools

  GaT7 19:30 10 Nov 2006

"It does more than Partition" - I'm sure it does. PPM2005 can do a bit more too, but that's not the point.

How can anyone justify buying a Suite of Tools costing £30 or even £15, when all one wants to achieve is resize a partition & a few other simple bits & bobs?! G

  woodchip 19:32 10 Nov 2006

Your choice, no ones forcing you to buy. I have it along with Acronis TI9

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