Partition recovery

  slightlymad 00:08 23 Sep 2004

Messing about with Partition Magic, I seem to have damaged my spare Maxtor hard drive. (Fortunately it has no data on it.) The file system is NTFS, and my OS is XP Home.

PartitionInfo gives me this message:

"Error #109: Partition ends after end of disk.
ucEndCylinder (6265) must be less than 4111."

Is there any way I fix this? In simple terms please - virtual novice here.

  Smegs 00:48 23 Sep 2004

click here try this. You do not say what the Maxtor drive is.

  slightlymad 01:09 23 Sep 2004

It's a DiamondMax Plus D740X. I tried PowerMax - Installation Confirmation tested OK, Basic (Quick) Test OK, but both the Advanced Test and the Low Level Format (you can see I'm a button-clicker) resulted in black screen and my PC wouldn't reboot. Unplugging it did the trick.

Also tried Maxblast 3 (but removed the Dynamic Drive Overlay). And I've tried reformatting but Windows said it couldn't. Yet it managed to change the drive to "Partition type 07 (Hex)" and I seem to remember RAW being in there somewhere.

So I Maxblasted again, to bring it back to a recognisable state. Incidentally, it's a 60GB HD but shows as 47.9GB with 3.92MB used.

So you can see I've been blindly trying, but I've run out of buttons to click.

  leo49 01:16 23 Sep 2004

#109 Partition ends after end of disk

"This error can occur if a partition erroneously extends beyond the physical end of the hard disk. This may happen if the hard disk has been used on a different computer or with a different hard-disk controller or if BIOS settings have been changed. Be advised that the physical geometry of the hard disk may differ from the logical geometry assigned to the hard disk by the operating system."

Nothing to worry about - you haven't physically damaged the disc - the probable cause is that PM is reading data from the drive which doesn't conform to the current configuration.

Was the HDD previously on another PC?

As there's no data to be lost, format anew so that it's correctly configured for your PC and have another mess about. :o)

  leo49 01:18 23 Sep 2004

Cross-posting - I'll read your new one and have a think

  slightlymad 01:23 23 Sep 2004

OK Leo, I understand most of what you're saying. I'm lost at the important bit - how do I format anew so that it's correctly configured?

  slightlymad 01:25 23 Sep 2004

Righty-ho. And thank you.

  leo49 01:27 23 Sep 2004

Your new info in the crosspost complicates matters slightly as it perhaps not as simple it seemed at first.

When you say "it's a 60GB HD but shows as 47.9GB with 3.92MB used."

Where are you reading that info from?

  slightlymad 01:30 23 Sep 2004

From "My Computer" - I right-clicked on the drive and looked at the Properties.

  leo49 01:32 23 Sep 2004

Open PM and send me a screenshot of your drives - the email addy is still the same.

  leo49 01:51 23 Sep 2004

OK - from the shot that 2nd HDD is very confused.

You say it's a 60gb yet Windows reports it as almost 48[which even allowing for the differing measuring systems means a few gigs are missing].

And PM on the top bar reports it as 32+ and in the graphics as 49. Hmmm...I knew I should have gone to bed without looking in the Forum.

Where did this HDD come from?

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