Partition query for W2K server

  recap 14:44 16 Feb 2004

Hi all,

I am running a W2K server and require to partion more than the Windows partioning will allow. What third party software would you recommended for a server?

Will Partion Magic do the trick?

  recap 17:31 16 Feb 2004


  spikeychris 17:45 16 Feb 2004

Hello recap, what are you using now to partition? has the server system already been installed?

  recap 10:32 17 Feb 2004

Hi spikeychris,

At the mo it's just Windows Computer Management, the O/S is installed, SP4, Office 2K and thats it untill I can do more partitioning.

One main problem that is restricting me is that the server is from Dell and they take up 35mb in their own partition.

  spikeychris 12:07 17 Feb 2004

What problem are you having with diskmgmt.msc recap? what size partition do you need? Have you tried partition commander? its free and works well.

  recap 12:16 17 Feb 2004

With Computer Manager it will only allow 4 partitions in total, I require more now as the work here is expanding.

Will have a look at partition commander, thanks chris.

  The Dark Sage 16:37 19 Feb 2004

You are only allowed four primary partitions - but if you create an extended partion you can have as many as there are letters left in the alphabet

  recap 08:21 20 Feb 2004

Thanks The Dark Sage, that is very usefull information.

  The Dark Sage 09:06 20 Feb 2004

No Probs.

- The partitions that create inside your extended partition are called logical partitions. They are fine for data but you can not install an operating system on them.

  recap 09:26 20 Feb 2004

Thanks The Dark Sage.

  recap 11:25 20 Feb 2004

Just what the doctor ordered, The Dark Sage thank you.


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