partition problem

  sunnystaines 15:47 05 Nov 2011

using w7 32 bit with 2 hdd

C partion on main drive with windows&software installed shows 25gb used.

computer management shows it as "healthy boot pagefile activecrash dump primary partition

problem with J partition on secondry drive. when i use w7 to back up C it also backs up J too some unknown reason cannot alter this. when i go to open J all it has is a couple of temp files, cannot format it either option greyed out.

computer management shows 27 gb [used cannot find what these are even sowing hidden files reveals nothing] drive is healthy system active primary partition.

any ideas how to format the j drive or what is using 27gb of space please

  robin_x 18:46 05 Nov 2011

Partition Wizard Bootable CD will do the necessary.

Might be an idea to change the drive letter from J to something else and also set it as Inactive.

Then see if you can still boot and nothing complains that J is missing.

(just in case you are booting from J without realising.)

You can do this with Partition Wizard, but if problems you won't be able to change back. The Bootable CD allows you to do that.

When you are sure J is superfluous, Partition Wizard also allows Format or just delete it and Resize an adjacent partition to fill the space.

  sunnystaines 18:59 05 Nov 2011

how do i set the drive to inactive please

  robin_x 19:25 05 Nov 2011

Right click the partition, Modify, Set Inactive, Apply (top left)

  sunnystaines 19:53 05 Nov 2011

robinofloxley right click of the partition does not show a modify option in computer management any other tips.

i will have to look out my nero cd to install so i can burn an iso image before i can try your partition wizard cd option

  robin_x 20:07 05 Nov 2011

I was meaning Right click in Partition Wizard.

Don't worry about finding Nero, Imgburn will do it.

  sunnystaines 21:06 05 Nov 2011

robinofloxley Thankyou saved downloads for image burn and the cd. Will give it a go sun or mon morning my concentrations are not good in the evenings just been reading up looks straight forward. i take i do not need to download the home edition of partition wiz just the cd option.

  Zeppelyn 21:18 05 Nov 2011

Yes the cd option will allow you boot from it once burned to CD.

How to make a partition inactive in Windows 7.

  1. Open up a command prompt and type DISKPART.
  2. Type LIST DISK
  3. Type SELECT DISK n (where n is the number of the J drive)
  5. Type SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the active partition you wish to make inactive)
  6. Type INACTIVE
  7. Type EXIT to exit DISKPART
  8. Type EXIT again to exit the command prompt
  9. Reboot
  robin_x 21:34 05 Nov 2011

You can download the Windows (non-CD version) as well. Download and install only takes a couple of mins.

Zep's cmd will work too, but many people don't like not having a GUI interface. Also when fixing boot problems, you would need to get back to a cmd prompt and know more commands rather than just set Active/Inactive etc. Partition Wizard is just easy)

I daresay our paths will cross tomorrow or someone else will dive in.

I hope you won't have any probs if you re-read above posts.

  sunnystaines 13:59 06 Nov 2011

Now sorted and perfect, tried "DISKPART" first which worked a treat then went into diskmanagement after reboot and was able to format the partition which i could not do before.

no idea what caused the problem but think my J drive got somehow got tangled up with C

thank you all for replies offering help, kept two downloads too they look useful.

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