partition problem

  steadi1 18:18 07 Oct 2006

i have been given a laptop with what looks like 2 partitions, e: and c:.
message keeps flashing up as low disc space on e drive as all programmes i try to load automatically try to load on e:.
when i look in disc management it says c: system and e: boot.
is there anyway to either change the auto download to c: or to just delete e: ?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:22 07 Oct 2006

What size HDD and partitions?

Do you want to keep all the data on the drives?

  steadi1 18:44 07 Oct 2006

hard drive is 20gb (old i know)
there are 2 partitions
e: system 17gb capacity 13gb free
c: boot 1.53gb capacity 0 free

not bothered about the data on it so can it be erased or can the data be made to download all the time on c:


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 07 Oct 2006

confused by system and boot, which drive has the operating system and what system are you using xp?

In XP you can use disc management to reletter the drives.

  gayparade 19:27 07 Oct 2006

press q

  steadi1 19:28 07 Oct 2006

i am using xp and when i explore both drives they have windows folders in each???
when i load something which asks to save to: i can change the drive letter from e: to c: but some things i download will automatically try to download to e: (which appears to be the primary one) and of course it just says no space.
i have tried changing the letters but it does the same to the new letter.

  ed-0 19:53 07 Oct 2006

it looks to me, that your windows backup partition is the C drive. This must not be deleted.

Your other drive, E, seems to be fine. You are saying it has 13Gb free. Thats a lot of space for a 20Gb disk.

Did the laptop come with a full windows disk or a recovery disk?

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