To Partition or not ?

  SB23 21:29 16 Jun 2003

I have been reading,with interest, articles about partitioning your hard disk.The reason being,my 12 month old system ran into major problems after downloading a certain upgrade (I won't mention any names.)Eventually,to cut along story very short,and after alot of headaches,i restarted it from scratch,(back to factory settings),and all has been well since.Since the little incident,I have been informed that if i had partitioned my drive,i could have recovered alot easier and not had to download back to where my system was.(obviously without the offending item).When i encounter problems I am abit of a novice,but look to the forum for hints,which helps, I run XP with no probs,but have been told its a whole different ballgame to partition XP.Is this true.....? THANK-YOU IN ADVANCE..SB

  VoG® 21:36 16 Jun 2003

Well this is how you do it click here

I will follow this discussion with interest since I have seen hugely divergent views expressed on this.

  SB23 21:44 16 Jun 2003

Thank-you VoG,but another question i have is,how many forum users actually have partitioned disks,and would they say that it's really a useful and worthwhile thing to do....?

  leo49 21:49 16 Jun 2003

Given the ever-increasing capacity of today's HDD's, this is a no-brainer.I simply fail to see the logic of not partitioning.But to achieve your stated aim of easy recovery,you have to combine it with software like Drive Image as part of an overall strategy.


  crx1600 21:50 16 Jun 2003

it sounds more like you should consider a 'drive image' type program, then you could save a clean version of XP together with all your installed software. then if disaster strikes you just reinstall from the image and your away.

i use 'partition magic' to make a copy of my sorted OS, into another partition and then you can always delete the original and take a copy of the saved partition.

  dirtyh 21:52 16 Jun 2003

Yes i allways partition,and save work,photo's,important things on the partition.
Then if things go wrong and i need to re-format i can format c/drive all the work will still be on d.
If real disaster stikes virus drive failure all is not lost as its possible to connect the drive to a freinds pc as slave(good freind though),then try and write files to cd.

  VoG® 22:15 16 Jun 2003

I fail to see the point of partitioning if you have a single user 'puter, run only one operating system, do not use drive imaging software, and cleanup, backup and defrag as often as necessary. What am I missing here?

  Switcher 22:27 16 Jun 2003

I have partitioned HDDs many times for various reasons but nowadays I usually restrict myself to just two partitions

c: for the operating system (WIN98se).

d: for a complete copy of the Win98se DISC.

I use Ghost to clone the c: partition usually once a week to a spare disk as a backup.

  crx1600 22:38 16 Jun 2003

it makes sense to me, to keep my 20GB+ of multimedia (music and video) on a logical partition. that way i can reformat and reinstall windows into the primary partition and my multimedia data remains.

although its all backed-up onto DVD, it would take a good few hours to re-install that 20GB+.

  rubella 22:44 16 Jun 2003


i think it's worth having a separate partition for the OS even if nothing else. in a worse case scenario a format c: doesn't take everything else with it. i also give it a flush once every so often just to be hygienic.

  VoG® 22:49 16 Jun 2003

Well, I'm thinking of changing my nickname to "Maverick" - I simply do not see the point of this if you are backed-up etc.

Similarly I do not see the point of the advice that is often given about reformatting and reinstalliing your O/S. Why? Installing over the top is simpler, replaces all the critical files and saves hours of reinstalling software. I'm sorry - I know many disagree - but I can see no logic in it.

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