To partition or not.

  sputnick 13:58 30 Nov 2010

I have just lost my c drive completely,it appears it cannot be accessed and no data is to be seen.It was a 500Gb sata drive and was formated as one partition.I have never partitioned any of my drives but would it be usefull to do so.
I`ve just ordered another drive but am not sure if partitioning is a good idea. I`ve heard pros and cons for doing this.
If I did partition how much shouls I allow for the system files and would I then put all new programs on the remainder.
It seems that new programs want to be put into c drive by default.

  sputnick 14:00 30 Nov 2010

Sorry, forgot to say I`m using W7 64 bit and have a second internal drive of 500 Gb

  letsgetrdy 14:09 30 Nov 2010

80gb would be enough for a 500gb drive, will give you space for system programs and restore points etc. Things like games and media you could then install/store on the remainder.

Personally I prefer just the single partition. I use other physical drives to distinguish between where I store media, where I install games etc. But some people prefer having partitions. Some people say its keeps the drive in tip top running form (for the os). It offers redundancy, but not much imho. Once again I'd say thats preference, and that a single partition with the OS along with system software can run fine.

I store OS, system software (tools, utilities, video editting, picture editting, torrent clients, avs, video players, browsers, IM etc) and of course any pictures stored on my user account to one drive, with one partition. I store media (music, films) seperately. And games (becuase of thr vast space they all take up) seperately also.

  letsgetrdy 14:13 30 Nov 2010

I can understand the want for a partition, 500gb drive can get cluttered especially if its the os drive. It would maybe help you keep a track of where things are, and keeping it maintained well by having two drive letters and two logical drives that partioning will offer you.

  David4637 14:12 01 Dec 2010

If you partition the drive (OS + Data) and use Acronis to back up, and your OS crashes you can be up and running again in say 20 mins. I have used a partition on my XP for some 8 years now - therefore I am "biased" in its advantage.

  tullie 14:38 01 Dec 2010

Weather you partition or not,Acronis will do the job.

  sputnick 14:41 01 Dec 2010

Thanks for all the help.

  sputnick 14:55 01 Dec 2010

Which Acronis should I use?
Can I change the partition size at a later date with it.

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