Partition divide 28 gygas H.D.

  mois 10:53 26 Jul 2003

Hi...I have a new 28 gygas hard drive...WIND 98 already installed and Part. Magic but before going ahead I want advice in how to divide it ;type of partition (primary, extended, logical) and the sizes.(aproximately).
Basically I want to install Wind 98, Wind XP, All the programs (where they should go) and all my c.d. in mp3 (where they shoulg go as well. I think they will take like 10 gygas)...Thanks

  MjM Hellfire 11:25 26 Jul 2003

My rule of thumb is to always separate the OS from the rest of the partitions. If I had a 28gb HD I would make about 5gb for installing the operating systems, then maybe 8gb for other programmes and the last 15gb could handle the music. Basically by giving the OS it's own partition, you'll make life a lot easier for yourself when it comes to defragging and re-installing the OS. Saves you having to reformat a whole 28gb.

It's really a trial and error thing and you just have to plan ahead a little. Realise how much music you have and make the partition the appropriate size to fit, remembering you may add more in the future.

Take into consideration what programmes you are going to install as well and again, size the drive accordingly.

Installing 98 - click here;EN-US;221829

Dual Booting - click here

Hope that helps.

  mois 12:26 26 Jul 2003

Hi THanks....That is what I thought....To have 4 partitions : 1). for Wind 98
2) for WIN XP
3) for ALL the Programs
4) for the MUSIC.
In the future I suposse I can resize them. My question is. All of them must be PRIMARY ?...For logic I suppose the ones holding the O.S. must be Primary. but the others two containing the programs and music?


I concur with the basic concept as spelt out by Hell Fire.

You are right in your Primary selections especially if you are going to use BootMagic to control the OS to boot up with. You should probably go for a 2Gb for 98 4Gb for XP and then make the remainder an extended partition and install logical partitions there.

Unless you need the security of NTFS then Fat32 will do quite adequately for all partitions, remember that Win98 can not read an NTFS partition.

Finally, you can not use anything less than Partition Magic 7 with XP, but if it and Bootmagic are installed in the 98 partition then you will be able to resize all but the NTFS partition.


  mois 13:21 26 Jul 2003

I want to make this clear....To have 2 primary partitions for the two O.S...and ONE EXTENDED containing 2 LOGICAL for the PROGRAMS and MUSIC...Is it right?....I am using version 8...Thanks again.

  exodus 13:50 26 Jul 2003

The two o/s's will be in primary and active partitions. The data files for programmes and music will be in an extended and logical partitions.

  mois 23:56 26 Jul 2003

I did the partitions but I was surprised that the size was small (like around 4 gygas)...Then I tried to install WIND XP and when the comp. re-started it went blank...I spent 2 hours trying to sole it...I tried to format it but always get a BAD COMMAND...Also it told me NO FOUND ANY ACTIVE PARTITION IN H>D>..But when I looked at C:/DIR it displayed VOLUMEN IN C is 28 GYGAS and displayed 7 files and 3 directories...Finally I don't know how I was able to delete the partition using FDISK (I think it was that one).and then I was able to installed WIND 98 but in that step the comp. said it needed it to format it.
The problem now is the comp. sees only a hard drive of 3,92 gygas...In the BIOS the HARD DRIVE DETECTION reads 30.007 MB in LBA, NORMAL and LARGE modes ,wich I think is o.k.....but the STANDARD CMOS SETUP recognizes only 4 gygas...I set up to AUTO and LBA but not values are given.
A litle complicated....Any idea about what is happening and what can I do to make the comp. recognize the 28 gygas ?

  keith-236785 00:14 27 Jul 2003

just to help, my c drive with win XP is now 5.88gig big already with pretty much a basic install. i do have microsoft train sim which is 1.5 gig but apart from that its just windows, office, firewall,anti virus and documents.

try to make your XP partition as big as you can, 10 gig if you can afford it.

for windows 98 you could get away with about 1.5 gig, leaving you 16 gig for your other two partitions.

just my opinion, but win XP is space greedy, but as you say you can resize later

  crx1600 00:48 27 Jul 2003

mois, life would be easier if you have created the PM floppies, and also the bootmagic=BM floppy.

id do this,

create the extended partition, and the 'end' of the drive.(say 20GB)

create a primary partition, at the 'beginning' of the drive (4GB)

this leaves 4GB 'unallocated'

install win98 into your 4GB C:\ drive, then 'copy' it into the 'unallocated' space.(the new copy will also be C:\ but 'hidden')

windows still only see's the first 4GB win98, and you can now upgrade it to XP.

the BM floppy will let you change between the 2 OS's, or you can install the BM program and use its boot menu.

  Jean-Luc Picard 02:42 27 Jul 2003

I totally agree with paperman27. I did originally create a 5 gig partition for the XP o/s but then had to increase this to 10 gig when I realised 5 gigs wouldn't last 5 minutes.

  crx1600 03:43 27 Jul 2003

the advice i gave, the sizes where just a guide, but the point is that you cant 'create' 2 primary partitions then add the OS's.

you need to install 98, then copy it into 'unallocated space', then upgrade the original to XP.

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