Partition Magic Problem

  irwind 19:22 02 Feb 2006

i had used partition magic yesterday to merge my partitions from 3 to 1 on my laptop. it ran all night and morning.then the machine automatically when i start the computer first a page appears asking if i want to start windows on safe mode/networking mode/ start computer on normal mode/last best configuration. whichever option i take it restarts and brings me back to the same page as i mentioned.can anyone help please!

  Zeppelyn 19:38 02 Feb 2006

Do you have Partition Magic 8, if so boot from this first and check if it has done all you wanted. You can also check with PM boot disks if you made them when installing. Report back with findings.

  SANTOS7 19:39 02 Feb 2006

If you have PM8 rescue disc boot from that and try and undo last change..

Thu, [email protected]:08

thanks for your reply
what is that PM8 RESCUE

Thu, [email protected]:11

when the screen opens it says F2 SETUP F12

Thu, [email protected]:15

OOOPS if your asking it is a fair asssumption you haven't got them, it is couple of bootable floppys created during instalation for issues such as these it lets you into the program to try and undo changes you have made

this is as far as we got in other thread...

  SANTOS7 19:42 02 Feb 2006

problem is Zeppelyn i dont think irwind can get to his desktop which leads me to believe the process of merging and the prog stopping has missconfiged the MBR in some way hence the loop when trying to boot up...

  irwind 19:48 02 Feb 2006

Hi there, I have misplaced my disc(Partition Magic 7 not 8) and can't find it. My Computer does not boot at all, if I put product recovery rom, it says my previous Hardware resources would be destroyed. ???Any ideas without disc, I need to save my Hardware

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:07 02 Feb 2006

I hope there is nothing on the drive you need, because it looks like the only option without a rescue disk is us eyou recovery rom to rest the PC back to factory settings. Then reinstall any other software.

  SANTOS7 20:11 02 Feb 2006

not knowing exactly what PM7 has done to your partitions i, at the moment am inclined to agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\ unless you have a copy of your O/S and you could try a repair..

  Zeppelyn 20:17 02 Feb 2006

Can you get hold of XP set up disc then you could try repairing MBR from recovery console ? Or perhaps download XP set up discs from another pc.

  SANTOS7 20:17 02 Feb 2006

click here
the way ypur PC is rebooting in a loop to the same error message would suggest one of the things mentioned in the link which may have been caused by the unfinished merge

  Skills 20:19 02 Feb 2006

If you have a full XP disk then yes you could try to repair if you only have a recovery disk then I would sugest getting hold of a live linux disk see if you can get any data off your hard drive using that and then use the recovery disk to reset to factory settings.

  irwind 20:47 02 Feb 2006

When I boot my PC(Laptop) with Windows XP disc it does not read it and hence I cannot go to the next step

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