Partition Magic and ExtendedX partitions

  Batch 10:45 21 Feb 2006

I running a Samsung X06 laptop with WinXP-SP2 (and no intentions to add additional OSs).

I just installed Acronis True Image 8 and created a Secure Zone and create an image therein, plus subsequently restored from there without problem.

The HDD is nominally claimed to be 60Gb (55 formatted). The Primary partition (NTFS) is now 45.86Gb and the Secure Zone (in an extended partition) approx 10Gb.

Subsequently, I installed Partition Magic 8 and upon starting it up, got the following:

"Partition Magic has found an extended partition on disk 1 that crosses the 1024 cylinder boundary and is not marked as an ExtendedX partition.

This condition can cause data corruption on this disk.

After fixing this problem Partition Magic must reboot your system to reinitialize the file system drivers.

Would you like Partition Magic to change the Extended partition to an ExtendedX partition?"

I can find very little information on this. There is a passing reference to ExtendedX in the Partition Magic documentation, but nothing else.

I have also done a web search and can find little conclusive information, but have got the impression that this might be a hangover from earlier versions Windows and DOS to do with partitions greater than 8Gb.

Some items on the web suggest avoidng ExtendedX as it can cause problems for other OSs (e.g. Linux), but this won't be relevant for me.

Can I safely ignore the warning (and leave the extended partition as ordinary extended)?

BTW my intention is to use PM to reduce the size of the Primary partition to approx 12Gb and then add 3 logical drives (which will reside in the extended partition).

  SANTOS7 11:03 21 Feb 2006

I think it is given as X because an extension is not asigned a drive letter it is only asigned drive letters when the extension itself is partitioned,

Many OS's also have a 1024 cylinder boundary. I believe old DOS has to reside entirely under the 1024 cylinder limit.
click here
the link may help you (and me) the 1024 cylinder boundary...

  Maturin 11:54 21 Feb 2006

The Secure Zone is a strange beast - I have had no end of trouble with this and have given it up as causing more problems than it is supposed to solve. The Secure Zone is probably what Partition Magic is complaining about. My backup solution is a second onboad HDD for daily data incremental backups with TI 9. And monthly backups to an external HDD of my main (200GB) drive.

Partition Magic was unhelpful when I recently installed a new OEM HDD! True Image 9 'Add new HDD to your computer' was fantastic :-).

So my advice is, if you must partition your HDD, is unintall Secure Zone (sorry), run Partition Magic, then reinstall Secure Zone if you must.


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