Partition Magic 8.0 and Pen drives

  o44wen 20:07 07 Jul 2005


I am wondering if it is possible to create 2 partitions on a pen drive? I am hoping it is possible.

Thanks in advance,

  mattyc_92 20:08 07 Jul 2005

I don't think that it is.... You could see if it is "reconised" by PM, but other than that, you won't be able to tell

  SEASHANTY 20:12 07 Jul 2005

You could get around this problem by buying an extra pen drive. If its really that necessary.

  o44wen 20:17 07 Jul 2005

no i dont need to buy another pen drive, i have 3, i was just wondering if it was at all possible. I was just wanting to section off some data ( iknow you can use folders but i wanted to see if i could use PM.

PM does not reconise it whenever i use the programme but i was just wondering if anyone out there new ways round it.

  o44wen 21:03 20 Jul 2005

dont think its possible then? oh well

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