Partition Magic 8.0 any good?

  Rhuddlan 19:29 29 Apr 2003

Hi there everyone, I am planning on partitioning my new hard drive so that I can run XP and ME on it, is this software any good for things like this, I have seen it in Argos for around £40.00 and wasn't sure wheather to buy it or not, what does everyone else think? Thanks for any help given.

  leo49 19:38 29 Apr 2003

One of the two [Drive Image being the other]absolutely must-have utilities.IMVHO.


  Mango Grummit 19:46 29 Apr 2003

Agree with leo49. The two together make for trouble-free computing. Formatting/reinstalling becomes a thing of the past.

  leo49 19:53 29 Apr 2003

And BootMagic comes with PM and that makes dualbooting[your other thread]a doddle.

  ShorN 20:24 29 Apr 2003

Superb, My system has run soooo much better since installing it!

Get it!!

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