Partition Magic 5 help needed

  Richard-191075 01:18 31 May 2005

I installed partition magic 5 and used it to partition my secondary dive which is 80 gb.
The computer has since crashd and my computer will only find 8gb of the drive. Partition magic does vot show it at all so i tried to use rescue disc but they will not work. How do i et the coputer to recognise the complet disc again or is all lost. I am using windows 98SE

  Diodorus Siculus 08:41 31 May 2005

Try fdisk click here It will mean that you lose everything on the disk though, and have to start again.

  rawprawn 09:56 31 May 2005

Have you looked in Admin Tools / Computer management /disc management to see if that part of the disc is formatted and showing healthy?

  Richard-191075 10:42 31 May 2005

The syatem is showing 8gb on the drive. i have used FDisk but all it will show is 8gb of disc?

  Zeppelyn 11:27 31 May 2005

Googling this PM5 seems to have problems if hd is greater than 8 gb. PM is now on version 8 which will easily cope with an 80gb drive.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:02 31 May 2005

Try booting with a bootable floppy disk


fdisk /mbr

This removes the master boot record and hopefully anything that PM5 put on it.

Then run fdisk again.

  Richard-191075 17:45 31 May 2005

I Have just used a programm to completly wipe the drive. Windos ow shows he ful 80gb but when i disk it ds only recogises 12gb so i am abe topaition t as iwant.

  Richard-191075 17:54 31 May 2005

bout the spelling in the last posting. I meant to say; I have now totally wiped the drive and windows is now showing 80gb on disk but when i fdisk it Dos only shows 12gb so i am unable to partition it a i want to. Not even partition magic is seeing the drive.

  selfbuild 18:23 31 May 2005

You have to answer Yes to the enable large disk support question when using Fdisk.

  Richard-191075 18:54 31 May 2005

i did

  selfbuild 20:10 31 May 2005

Did you use option 5 in Fdisk to display the second drive ?

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