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  Ozy 22:34 03 Aug 2006

With Partition Magic 7, I am trying to partition an 80Gig drive.
After reboot, P M starts, then shows,
Error 27, cannot lock drive,
If the hard disk contains files that are in use by another process,
P. M. cannot lock the partition.
In msconfig, System Configuration Utility,Startup,
I have clicked “ Disable all”
In msconfig, System Configuration Utility, Services,
I have clicked “Disable all”
In System ini, and Win ini,
I have clicked “Disable all”
Also disabled Norton System Works,
P.M. still says Error 27

  woodchip 22:38 03 Aug 2006

You cannot Partition in Windows. You have to create a boot disc to do it in DOS. With the above software

  Simsy 09:57 04 Aug 2006

Yes the actual partitioning has to be done in a DOS mode, but with PM7 you can "do" all you want to do and then click "apply changes", (or something like that)...

The PM says something like "I have to go into DOS to do this. Shall I continue?"... and off it goes, rebooting as needed.

Note that this is the case with win 98... I don't know about Win XP...

Also, there may be an issue with SATA or RAID drives. (I don't know... I'm just guessing!)

Do you have SATA or RAID Ozy?



  Smiler 10:00 04 Aug 2006

Don't know if PM7 works with XP but I use PM8 and that goes into dos to complete some tasks.

  rawprawn 10:04 04 Aug 2006

Try in safe mode.

  Simsy 10:14 04 Aug 2006

yes... but you don't have to create a boot disc. That was my point.



  Smiler 10:18 04 Aug 2006

Ah!!! :-)

  geewis357 10:58 04 Aug 2006

There is no need to make a boot disk or use safe mode PM will do everithing it needs to, this worked fine on my laptop

  James ® 12:15 04 Aug 2006

The advice given is correct, PM should, and in your case does, allow you to set up all the required options you wish to perform, and when you click apply changes the system reboots and the changes are applied prior to Windows starting.

The problem is clearly that your system is not doing this, displaying an error 27 message at this stage. Error 27 relates to not being able to dismount the drive to perform the relevant operations.

I would first try running "Chkdsk /f", and secondly running a reliable and up to date virus checker.

Also woodchips advice is sound, create the boot disks from within PM and boot from them to see if you can partition safely from there as it works at a much lower level.

I use PM 8 and have not experienced any anomalies with SATA drives as mentioned above.

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