Partition Magic

  exdragon 16:53 06 Oct 2004

Is this idiot proof, please? I've got a 30GB C drive with WinXP home and an 80GB D drive. I want to install GoBack, but it only works on drives up to 40GB.

I've had a look in the archive but got a bit confused by some of the questions. Does it just allocate the next drive letter and move all the other letters down one? Is it ok to use if you've already got stuff on the drive and is there anything vital I need to know before taking the plunge?

Thanks in advance

  rawprawn 17:22 06 Oct 2004

I'm an idiot and it works for me.It will allocate the next available drive letter, and yes it doesn't matter if you already hve files on the drive, it will allocate out of free space available. It is very easy to use, even I can do it.

  rawprawn 17:25 06 Oct 2004

ooops Ive done it again, I think I am getting old. I use Partition Expert by Acronis.I think all these programs have very similar names. However I can recomend Acronis Partition Expert

  Djifa 18:00 06 Oct 2004

How do i partition a hard disk with Fat32 into NTFS without loosing my info?

  SANTOS7 18:05 06 Oct 2004

You will need a programme like Partition magicTo convert FAT/FAT32 to NTFS (Windows 2000/XP only)how to, listed below...........

1 Select a disk and a FAT/FAT32 partition.

You can see which partitions are labeled FAT or FAT32 by looking at the Type column in the partition list.

2 Click Partition > Convert.
3 Click NTFS.
4 Click Yes to continue with the conversion.

Because Windows NT (FAT to NTFS) or Windows 2000/XP (FAT32 to NTFS) performs the conversion, when you click Yes, PartitionMagic automatically applies any pending changes that are listed in the Operations Pending dialog box and exits. The Convert utility is then started.

5 If you have open files, a message appears indicating that the convert utility cannot gain exclusive access to the hard disk and asks if you want to schedule the conversion the next time the computer restarts. If you type Y, the conversion will automatically take place when you reboot the computer. After typing Y you should close PartitionMagic and manually reboot the computer to complete the conversion.

If you do not have any open files, the Batch Progress dialog box appears. Click OK to return to the PartitionMagic main window. The partition is converted.


· The convert FAT or FAT32 to NTFS option is available only if you are running the Windows NT version of PartitionMagic, there is sufficient free space, the partition is large enough, and the partition has a drive letter assigned. The convert FAT32 to NTFS option is available only if you are running Windows 2000/XP.

Copyright © 1994-2002 PowerQuest Corporation. All rights reserved.

  exdragon 18:11 06 Oct 2004

Well, Santos7's reply to Djifs's question to Emeth has confused me! is this something I need to know??

If I've got 30GB used up on the 80GB drive, can I turn it into 2 drives of 40GB? A 30 and a 50 aren't going to be any good for GoBack.

And, more importantly, if I set a system restore point before I start, can I undo the whole thing if I get into a mess?

  SANTOS7 19:35 06 Oct 2004

Sorry Mpdragon you can resize partitions but not sure how to with accronis just select C:\ and select the resize option as long as you have enough free space on your D:\ drive it should be straight forward

  It's Me 20:52 06 Oct 2004

You must be confused by the replies that you have received, I know I am.

From your heading I assume that you have Partition Magic already so the Acronis bits don't apply, and if you haven't I can heartily recommend it. And yes, it can split your hard drive drive into up to 4 partitions of any size you wish, and you won't lose any data. And yes, it is idiot proof.

  It's Me 20:56 06 Oct 2004

Sorry, I forgot. In the first place it will move letters down, but if you press the advanced button you will find that you can change the drive letters to your hearts content. Very simple.

Worth every penny.

  TomJerry 21:24 06 Oct 2004

But, backup important stuff in case anything wrong.

  exdragon 22:52 06 Oct 2004

Thanks, chaps! I haven't got PM yet, and hadn't heard of Acronis...

I'll have a couple of gins and ponder on it. Having just been upgraded to XP, I don't want to mess it up just yet.

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