Partition just for XP?

  1832bchs 23:30 05 Mar 2003

I will shortly be installing a new 120gb hard drive. I have been advised to give the operating system (XP Home) it's own partition.Any thoughts on this and how much space should it have?

  temp003 02:21 06 Mar 2003

If you're going to create separate partitions for other things like your data (photos, MP3s, documents and other media files), then for your XP partition, you need a size which is big enough to install XP Home itself, plus SP1, updates, hardware drivers, and then the programs you're going to install, the pagefile (virtual memory), and then more room for future.

No need to make it too big, but not so small that the partition gets close to being full (which will slow down the system).

I don't have XP Home, so I don't know how large it is. I suspect a bare installation will take up about 1 GB of space. Obviously it's going to be much more than that after you install the other stuff.

I give 10GB to my Windows 2000 partition and together with installed programs, it's taken up about 3GB (probably very small by today's standard, but I don't have a lot of programs, and no games).

Since you have 120GB, why not give it 20GB. But ultimately it will depend on what else you're going to have in that partition.

  powerless 02:37 06 Mar 2003

Windows XP installation takes 1.5GB of space.

120GB is a one big daddy.

I would advise you make two or maybe three partitons.

120GB will be around 11400 MB when you come to create, format a partiton. Thats how windows sees the drive.

I would say create two partiitons.

Depending on how large your personal files will be create a partion (for Example) 30GB...This will be Drive "E" Name it backup...Keep all the important files on this drive.

The extra 90GB will be for XP and programs...on Partiton "C"

If something goes wrong with partiton C you can always delete it then pop XP back on it.

Then drag all the personal stuff of "E" and all is saved.

You'll have to reinstall programs etc...

Partions will not be exactly 90 and 30 GB.

  powerless 02:37 06 Mar 2003

14000 MB

  powerless 02:39 06 Mar 2003


  temp003 02:56 06 Mar 2003

Powerless, you got it right the first time, just missing a 0.

Disk manufacturers' 120GB means 120 million Bytes = 114.4 GB on Windows


When you set the partition size in XP Setup, you're asked to enter the number in MB (I think). So if you want, say, 30GB, you should enter (30 x 1024 MB) = 30,720 MB.

  1832bchs 08:34 06 Mar 2003

Thank you all, very useful info.

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