Partition Hard Drive

  [email protected]© 11:53 11 May 2012

I need to format my PC so is there a free and easy way to partition my hard drive so I can back up my files so I can format on the other partition? Thanks.

  lotvic 12:02 11 May 2012

Would help if you say what Op Sys and if 32 or 64 bit. If you have an external harddrive it would be safer to copy your files onto that, you could consider also burning to DVD any really important stuff.

  [email protected]© 12:04 11 May 2012

Why do people always state the obvious!! Windows 7 64 bit and if I had an external hard drive I would use it, and theres too much to save to disc.

  KRONOS the First 12:08 11 May 2012

With your sort of attitude people will be falling over themselves to offer advice. Lotvic made a reasonable suggestion given the woeful lack of detail in your original post.

  lotvic 12:08 11 May 2012

Sorry, didn't mean to offend :(

  [email protected]© 12:10 11 May 2012

You didnt offend I said it a bit tongue in cheek hence the exclamation marks.

  john bunyan 12:47 11 May 2012

I have found Easeus a good partition tool, easier than the built in one.

Easeus I have 100 Gig for programmes, balance for data

  lotvic 12:49 11 May 2012

OK. I'm going to state the obvious again. A consideration is, if harddrive has a hidden 'factory restore' partition, you will probably lose that facility by virtue of rearranging the partitions.

I can't recommend a 'good' freebie as I use AcronisTI and an ext HDD so will butt out now and hope that others who have used a good 'un to do what you want will respond.

You may find it helpful to read other threads to get a bit of a 'feel' for it before you decide. If you copy and paste:

Partition Hard Drive

into google you will get the relevant threads on pca.

  john bunyan 12:53 11 May 2012

Also see here re backing up etc. back up

  [email protected]© 12:55 11 May 2012

I have installed easeus as you suggested John but I cant find 'create partition' or anything when I click on my hard drive just resize, copy, merge etc..?

  robin_x 12:57 11 May 2012

Easeus Partition Master or MiniTool Partition Wizard will allow resize and creation of another Partition for backup.

Windows should NOT be re-installed via a Recovery Partition or Recovery DVDs since it may wipe the whole disk, including the new partition with the backed up files.

Use a W7 Install DVD instead.

Note that Partition software occasionally manages to corrupt a whole disk anyway. So there is some risk.

All Program Files will need re-installing of course.

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