Partition hard disk drive d

  Rhuddlan 10:38 04 May 2003

Hi there everyone, I have two hard drives, C the primary and d the salve, is there any way that I can partition drive d without opening the computer up and removing anything, as I want to put both XP and ME on my second hard drive, I have talked about this in other threads before, but everyone was telling me that I would have to open the computer up and take drive c out and use drive d as the primary drive, but that's the last thing I won't to do, any other suggestions please, help needed, thanks, regards, Rhuddlan.

  powerless 10:48 04 May 2003

I think i may have posted to one of those threads (not to sure) but the reason for taking the drive out is to be sure that you are installing to correct drive and so that nothing happens to the other one. Also in one post ME would not install at all with XP installed. The solution was to take the other drive and it was ok.

Take the drive out - You do not have to literally remove it, you can remove the power connector. Thats all.

Also the other method of creating a partiton can be done with FDSIK but FDISK is not very user friendly so removeing the drive would solve alot of problems. Using FDISK incorrectly can wipe everything.

  cream. 11:00 04 May 2003

Not sure on what you wish to achieve but there is a way to disable your "C" drive without opening the case.

If you start up the machine and keep pressing the delete button you will get into the bios. If you pick the heading standard cmos settings and enter you will see primary master \ primary slave \ secondary master and secondary slave listed. your "C" drive should be listed under primary master and will say either auto or manual. If you change the setting for this to none, by using the PgUp or PgDn buttons. Then press esc this should take you back to the main screen. Now pick the save settings and exit button, the computer will reboot.

When it reboots your "c" drive will not be shown. This by passes the need to open the case.

Hope it helps. It may also help if know exactly what you wish to achieve.

  Rhuddlan 17:27 04 May 2003

Thanks everyone, I think I will try the village idiot's soultion to my situation, regards, Rhuddlan.

  Rhuddlan 17:56 04 May 2003

Hi again, village idoit, I have just been into the BIOS and there is no option of none when pressing the page up and down keys for the primary master hard drive which is c, it is on auto at present, the other options are the numbers 1 - 49, not installed, which I tried but nothing happened, manual and user, the computer didn't reboot too, I chose to save the settings in the BIOS, but the computer continued to load as normal, I am using Win XP Home, will this edition of windows have the none option in the BIOS for the hard disk drive C, again thanks for the help, would be grateful if you could assist me more, kind regards Rhuddlan.

  cream. 18:17 04 May 2003

The fact that you are using X\P has no relavance to the bios. This is totally independant to windows.

The settings are usually auto-manual and none.
Try the not installed again and press esc. Then pick save settings and exit and type y to that. You should then have a reboot.

  cream. 18:19 04 May 2003

sorry, when you saved settings and exited the first time did you put a y after it for yes?

  Rhuddlan 18:23 04 May 2003

I didn't press y at all, I just pressed esc and enter, thanks for the help, I'll let you know how I get on.

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