Partition H:

  iqs 15:35 29 Nov 2007

Hello,Sorry for posting another thread in the same day,taking full advantage of my day off ;-).

I have two internal Harddrives installed. C: and H:.

These are the details for each drive...

C: 293.89 GB NFTS(healthy system)

H: 232.88 GB(healthy)

I would like to partition H:,but there is no option to do so.

When I installed the W/D harddrive H: , I used their software to create one partition,the size of the harddrive.

How would I partition H: or even C:

I don't know much about harddrive partition,so any help is appreciated.Also what is ' mark partition as active'and EISA please.

Thank you,Cheers IQS

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:51 29 Nov 2007

There is no earthly reason to partition an external drive and not much more to partition an internal one.


  Christopher Lewis 16:02 29 Nov 2007

Try this click here

Don't forget to back-up your data first!


  johndrew 16:03 29 Nov 2007

You don`t say which OS you are using, I shall assume it is Windows XP.

The `Active Partition` is the one you boot from - where your OS is located click here

EISA in what context? click here

To create a partitioned HDD from one you have already formatted, the existing partition needs to to be `Deleted` first, this will destroy all data on it so it MUST be backed up to save it. Having deleted the drive you should then select `Format` which will ask what size it is to be, if you want it to be 100GB enter `100` from there follow the Wizard. The second partition should be treated the same way, but you need not enter a value for the size.

More details: click here click here

For Vista click here

  uesquebeathus 16:21 29 Nov 2007

in practice there should be only one "active" partition which is the operating system partition, Windows XP changed that rule a bit as the operating system can be installed on other partitions but the one "active" partition still applies as this is a throwback to older File Allocation Tables. Partitioning a drive is very simple if the drive is empty, if there is any data on the drive it could be wiped out during the act of partitioning especially using older Partition Software Tools, products like
Ontrack Partition Manager, up to version 8.00 and 8.02, was the best at the time and still is according to many users like myself, this could be used without loosing any data while resizing the partitions, and used from in the Windows GUI, as well as from a pair of Floppy discs in Dos Mode.
It is now owned by Symantec/Norton it is now a part of the newer Norton Ghost products but it is now a bit more awkward to use. another good product free of course is "SwissKnife" this has a few really good tools and can be downloaded from here:-
click here
or here:-
click here
as long as there is no data to worry about you select the drive and then the partition size you want either percentage or Gbytes 116Gbytes and a second 116Gbytes for example.
other products
Partition Logic CD (iso image) very much similar to PartitionMagic's rescue diskettes, but be careful read before you proceed
click here
Ranish Partition Manager
click here
for very technical info on partitioning drive
click here
very basically it is like slicing a pie into segments, make very sure you slice the correct pie/hard drive, practice on an empty or old drive
for example I have one drive partitioned into
,D 20Gb(for letters.emails etc)
,E 40Gb (for pictures etc)
and F which is 160GB (for music and videos)

  uesquebeathus 16:26 29 Nov 2007

The other thing you can do is create a File folder system for the drive for each particular type of use you want, partitioning can be a boon but it can also be a bit dangerous as you are depending on the same physical harddrive, if it becomes faulty you loose everything on all partitions.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:20 29 Nov 2007

Assuming that there is no operating system on the external disk, could anyone care to tell me the advantages of partitioning an external HD?

Save yourself a lot of trouble and make folders on the external HD.


  iqs 18:56 29 Nov 2007

all and thank you for your help.From your replies,I now know a lot more about partitions.
I have just partitioned the H: drive,very simple when you know how.But I have another question please...

Just a what if....The C:drive offers no option to delete the two partitions,so how would I delete the Active partition and the remaining free space please.Just curious.

Thanks for your kind help.



  johndrew 19:56 29 Nov 2007

If you really wanted to Delete the C: partition, there are two options, either put the drive in another PC or boot from another source - like your XP disk.

I`m not certain I understand, `The C:drive offers no option to delete the two partitions` as each partition has its own identity and a second partition on the primary drive - with C: on it - can be formatted in the usual way.

  iqs 22:51 29 Nov 2007

johndrew for your help.

When viewing the harddrive partitions on C: with Computer Management,when you right click the free space ,the option to delete the partition is not highlighted.

When you right click on the Active partition the only option listed is 'help'.


  cream. 23:02 29 Nov 2007

Are trying to merge

C: 293.89 GB NFTS(healthy system)

if you are, don't. The 4.20 GB FAT32(EISA CONFIG) will be the backup of your operating system, plus the drivers.

If all else fails this will be your last defence to get things back to normal.

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