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  Ramification 12:05 01 Mar 2004

hi, a quick question if i may,
if you partition a drive but do not format straight away and power off and power on another time, do you have to partition again?
i thought i had sussed the partitioning but am having problems with keeping the drive in 3 partitions. it just says the drive is not formatted after startup and shows a 160gb hd as 31gb. i have installed maxblast (maxtor drive) this is a slave on xp. 12month old system

  Eric10 12:21 01 Mar 2004

No you shouldn't have to partition again. However, if your drive is slave to an xp drive then you can partition and format from within XP. Go to Start, Control panel, Administrative tools, Computer Management, and select Disk Management under Storage. Your new drive should be shown on the right and you can right-click it for options of what you can do.

  geeza 12:21 01 Mar 2004

What did you use to partition the drive, and did you then format each partition?

  Eric10 12:33 01 Mar 2004

I personally used Maxblast3 to partition and format my drive. Use the Advanced option if you want to create more than 1 partition. It's quite an easy interface and wizard that steps you through the process and the Format is infinitely faster than the WinXP one. Whether you do it with Maxblast or WinXp each partition has to be formatted before it can be used.

  Eric10 12:36 01 Mar 2004

Sorry geeza. Saw 'Ramification' in bold and mistakenly thought the query was from him.

  Ramification 16:14 01 Mar 2004

in Computer Management it shows as 32gb unformatted drive.
i had used partition magic to make the partitions originally.
using maxblast3 i could only create 1 partition.
using p.magic i could create more but as i said it wouldnt hold it when i powered off.
think i will try and create the partitions again and format them in one sitting. any more advice very welcome! thanks :)

  Ramification 15:56 08 Mar 2004

hi, it seems i have a problem with my bios and that i need to flash it. im not up on this at all, but ive installed sp1 (which i didnt have before) and when i partition/format the drive with maxblast it says 157gb,out of 160. now when i go into windows it says 31gb. i removed partition magic as it says this software can conflict with maxblast on the maxtor website. but still the same. flashing the bios does what exactly?! i imagine i can ruin my motherboard if im not careful. (ATX Socket A) do i need to dl a program from the motherboard manufacturers website to allow me to flash the bios?
any input would be welcome!

  temp003 07:30 09 Mar 2004

To use a hdd larger than 137GB, you will need (1) BIOS which supports it (48-bit LBA) and (2) operating system which supports it.

48-bit LBA is by default enabled in XP SP1 (SP1 is essential), so you've got it now.

Go into BIOS and check the hdd capacity as shown in BIOS. If it doesn't show it correctly, see if there is an option for enabling 48-bit LBA support (I don't know what exactly it will be called in BIOS, but simply LBA Mode may not be enough, but try it anyway).

If BIOS does not support it, find out your motherboard brand and model number, go to the website and see if there is a BIOS update which adds this support.

If you can resolve the BIOS limitation, I would use XP's own Disk Management to delete the existing partitions to start afresh. Unless there are things you want which Windows can't do, using Windows' own partitioning utility ensures maximum compatibility.

Forget about Partition Magic. You're starting with a new disk, not trying to move/resize/merge partitions with existing data (which Windows can't do).

If there is no BIOS upgrade which includes this support, your options are (1) use drive overlay software from Maxtor or (2) buy an ATA-133 PCI adapter which has its own BIOS for the hdd - ATA-133 by specification supports 48-bit LBA.

Drive overlay comes free but there is always the potential problem of data recovery if the OS has to be reinstalled (repair or clean install) - whether or not the OS is on the hdd with drive overlay. If you take this route, backup of stuff on the new hdd is particularly important. Also keep a good backup of whatever software you use from Maxtor.

Download Maxtor's Big Drive Enabler and install it in XP. click here

Restart and see if XP can recognise the full capacity and the partitions.

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