partition an external hard drive

  sinbads 20:02 31 Mar 2007

I need to partition this 320G hard drive and i am looking for suitable sofware (easy to use) that is capable of partitioning large drives. I did look at partition magic ;but this is only suiable for drives up to 300G.

My PC is running vista premium 2gig mem and an internal 250gig hard drive.

your advice on suitable software to acheive this w2ould be appreciated.

  skidzy 20:07 31 Mar 2007

Partition Logic will do what you ask,but please do read the caution notice with Vista click here

  MAJ 20:08 31 Mar 2007

I don't have Vista yet, but doesn't Vista's Disk Management allow you to do that?

  sinbads 20:23 31 Mar 2007

skidzy last thing i want is to upset vista however i would only be partitioning the external dive not the operating dive whether this would affect vista i dont know?

MAJ looking in the disk managment i cant see an option to partition only the usual format. did notice that the 320g external hard drive was pre formatted to fat32?

  MAJ 20:26 31 Mar 2007

See if this helps then, sinbads. click here It seems to me that if you can see the drive in diskmanagement you should be able to partition it using that method. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but I'm severely hampered by not having Vista yet.

  sinbads 20:51 31 Mar 2007

MAJ Thanks for that info if i right click on the blue area on c drive there is an option to shrink, however the external drive ias a single partition that takes up the whole drive so i need a third party software to do this.The drive is empty at the moment, can't understand why they preformatted using fat32?

  MAJ 21:04 31 Mar 2007

So there's no option to shrink the partition on the external drive in disk management, sinbads? That's a pity, sounds like something MS should have incorporated. Don't know why the disk was formatted already, but if that's the manufacturer's idea of saving time it's probably formatted as FAT32 so that users of older OS's can view the partition, seeing as it's so easy to convert to NTFS.

  sinbads 21:14 31 Mar 2007

there is an option to shrink but its greyed out?

  sinbads 21:49 31 Mar 2007


I have reformatted the external hard drive to NTFS
and gone back to disk management which now gives the option to shrink done my first shrink 80gig backup worked a treat Thanks for that.

I think we are severely hampered by having vista personally not impressed.

anyway thanks again

  MAJ 22:27 31 Mar 2007

Ah, good news then sinbads, that's one to remember if I ever upgrade to Vista.

  styven 10:18 01 Apr 2007

There is this piece of software that I think is very good.

It can be downloaded and burned as live cd, just stick in your cd drive and reboot the pc.

click here


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