Partition Drive C

  dickens 07:44 04 Sep 2006

I have two hard drives C & D. I want to partition C to have one partition for windows (running XP), one for programs and one for files. Can I move program files to a new partition without reloading windows?

  wee eddie 08:09 04 Sep 2006

This is to the best of my knowledge, which is not comprehensive.

Moving Programs would not work as the links they make when installed would be incorrect. You would need to reinstall them on the new drive.

All normal files, .jpg, .gif, .doc, etc can be transferred at will, then used with a program which is on another drive

  dickens 09:35 04 Sep 2006

Thanks Wee Eddie
This is what I was afraid of. But I thought it was worth checking

  xania 11:57 04 Sep 2006

However, you do not need to reinstall Windows to do this. There is software out there that will move software to another partition - some uninstallers have this facility - but only the more expensive ones, or you can merely uninstall the programs and reinstall them on the new partition.

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