Partition Cloning

  siouxah1 13:45 15 Apr 2011

I am trying to source some software that will clone a partition to, and recover from, an external USB HDD.

This is for an older laptop with one HDD consisting of one partition. (No recovery partition.)

I have tried Acronis V7 and then purchased Acronis 2011 Home. This last does not support USB drives unless an Add on is installed. It appears to me that the Add on is not available for the Home edition. Any ideas? I do not wish to give Acronis any further cash at the moment.

(Yes I am aware that I did not do my nomework very well.)

  woodchip 14:01 15 Apr 2011

All you need do with Acronis is, Start boot with Acronis Rescue or Program CD. Choose Backup Then choose Full Image Backup Write this to the USB drive. You can use the same method to Restore the Image. This Images Partition and everything on the drive, Remember when doing a Restore that Drive letter will be a Removable drive may be A:\ Test the Image when its done, so you know it works when you need it. That's what I do

  woodchip 14:04 15 Apr 2011

PS if you need any other info on PC's PM me on other side

  proudfoot 15:34 15 Apr 2011

I have used various versions of TI over the years and now have TI Home Ver10.

Make sure you make a restore disc immediately after installing TI. You may never need it but it is your belt and braces in an emergency.

I agree with Woodchip. You backup to a folder on your USB drive giving the file a memorable name, I also include the date of the backup in the file name, with .tib as the file extension

To restore the backup, if windows is bootable you can use the installed program, if not enter the bios and make sure your DVD drive is your first boot device, I always make mine on a new PC it, boot up time is a few seconds longer but it is one less thing to worry about in an emergency.

This loads a DOS version of TI on your PC and you can then search for your backup on your external drive, then follow the prompts.

  siouxah1 22:24 15 Apr 2011

Thanks Peoples.

The problem I have is that both versions of TI will not recognise an external USB drive. An add on is, I believe, required for the latest version I have to do so.

Any suggestions on this problem?

st-clares. Do you have the same problem as I in the DOS incarnation in that the mouse does not seem to be supported?

  woodchip 22:39 15 Apr 2011

It will Recognise it if you turn on USB in BIOS, And plug drive in then boot with TI CD. Set BIOS to first boot device DVD or CD

  robin_x 22:40 15 Apr 2011

See here for guide to equivalents link text

I use Macrium or EASEUS, sometimes Paragon.

Always verify/validate/check image after creation. Keep more than one image if you have space. Corruption isn't unknown.

All allow creation of a boot CD (essential)

  woodchip 22:40 15 Apr 2011

As I said do not forget that when it boots the Drive will be under a different letter to windows

  siouxah1 23:09 15 Apr 2011

Thanks for the replies. I will report back.

  proudfoot 14:55 16 Apr 2011

I forgot to say have the drive plugged in before booting. Also my wireless mouse will not work but my USB mouse works OK. USB in my Bios is enabled. Macrium. Easeus snd Paragon are all good.

  woodchip 15:12 16 Apr 2011

Some Wireless Will work but not all, so you have a point

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