Partition, basic advice

  GAOEG 20:20 13 Mar 2007

Hello there,
Can someone please give me some advice to a number of naive questions about partitions?

I have a new computer which, as supplied, has one partition occupying the full disk. I want to add three more partitions using the Partition Manager tool from the cover disk and would like to know:

Do I need to format the new partitions or will the existing NTFS file system be retained?

Is it OK to put the programs, including those that come with Xp (e.g. IE and OE), in a different partition to the OS and, if so, will this slow things down? And finally:

Which partition are the Temporary Internet Files saved in, the OS partition or the browser partition, assuming they are different?

Many thanks

  keith-236785 20:26 13 Mar 2007

each new partition you create will need to be formatted before windows can use it, simple case of right clicking on the drive and choosing format drive.

please DO NOT format drive C:, that is your windows partition, there may also be a smaller partition which is shown in partition manager as a hidden partition, LEAVE this alone too, it is the restore partition (if your computer is a DELL/PC World etc...)

using partition manager, reduce the size of the windows partition first, this will create some free space for you to start creating new partitions.

  keith-236785 20:34 13 Mar 2007

sorry, didnt finish it off, each time you format a partition, if the partition is less than 36 gig in size you will have the choice whether you want fat32 or NTFS, over 36 gig, your only option is NTFS.

you would be best keeping windows files all together on the same drive though there is no rule saying you cant put them in a different partition.

temporary internet files on my system are stored in,

C:\Documents and Settings\Keith\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

but the facility exists to change the folder/drive if you want.

open IE, click tools/internet options and click settings in the "temporary internet files" section, then click on the "move folder" button, follow it through from there choosing the new location. not sure what happens but i would assume a re-boot would be needed at this point.

  GAOEG 21:48 13 Mar 2007

Many thanks Paperman for your comprehensive response, this answers all my questions. I feel more confident about doing it now, but I have done a disk image on DVD, just in case.

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