Partition advice needed

  14all 12:34 26 Nov 2005

I have been given a very old PC running Win Me the Hard Drive has three partitions, which was partitioned by Partition Magic 5.

The largest partition C runs everything, with D just being used for My Documents and E, which is empty.

I have no restore discs for this PC which has had some good programmes left on it for the grandchildren to use.

Do I try to get rid of the partitions? Or use them how they are supposed to be used; I only have a limited knowledge in the technical side of computers and do not want to loose the couple good programmes that are installed on the C drive (Main Partition)

Any advice much appreciated

  peterb1947 12:38 26 Nov 2005

if the c drive is big enough for your use, leave well alone. if not just use partition magic to remobe the partitions and you will then have a larger c drive.

  kinger 13:10 26 Nov 2005

Have you still got Partition magic?

If so, load it and follow on-screen instuctions to delete the two unwanted partitions.

Then elect to make drive C bigger and click OK, it will reload into DOS and complete the tastks.

You may want to just delete the middle partition and extend drive C to touch the third partition.

This will give you drive C for all your programs and the new second partition for your saved data.

  vinnyT 14:17 26 Nov 2005

As you have no restore disks for this pc you may find it worthwhile getting a disk imaging tool, ie. True Image, or Ghost these will make an image of your pc how it is at the time you create the image to one of your partitions (E:\ may be best as it has nothing on it).

This way, if something happens to render your pc inoperable, you can restore all your progs, including the OS, without needing the original disks.

Hope this helps.

  kinger 14:49 26 Nov 2005

True image insists that you image your drive to a separate, external HDD just in case your internal drive packs up. Good security, I suppose.

  vinnyT 15:30 26 Nov 2005

"True image insists that you image your drive to a separate, external HDD just in case your internal drive packs up. Good security, I suppose."

Although good advice certainly, it does not insist on this, I do images of my pc evert 3rd night to a seperate partition on my hd using TI8.

Every sunday, I then backup the last 2 images to cd/dvds.

  kinger 15:36 26 Nov 2005

Quite right, I see that it comes up as a warning but you can switch the warning off by checking the box.

I too use True Image, it saved my system only two days ago from total disaster. A truly wonderful system.

  14all 23:07 26 Nov 2005

Thank you for your posts gentlemen, I made a back up of the most important info on the PC, and started to run partition magic 5.

Just to try it out, I set it to merge the D and E partitions together, when it started the process a warning pop up appeared saying that this version doesn’t run on win ME, but being the animator that I am I tried to stop the process with rather disastrous affects.

I’ve ended up with two partitions and a PM5 that no longer loads, me thinks that the previous owner must have another OS such as 98 and at some time switched to ME.

With PM5 now gone and with two partitions still working (I don’t know how) I think I will leave well enough alone as its just for the grand children use, if I try anything more It might end up be a dear free PC.

I have just found a free version of Paragon Partition on the December issue of PC Adviser would this return my hard drive back to one drive? And no I’m not going to try it as I don’t what I’m doing.

  vinnyT 14:20 30 Nov 2005

Yes, it should do, but, I think it was one of those progs you have to register to get the unlock code and these sites usually (but not always) have a time limit on registering.

I think you are right to just leave it now, while the pc is still working.

Give the Gkids a couple of months and they'll prob. know more than us anyway.

  woodchip 14:32 30 Nov 2005

Your First thing is, Create a Image of the C:\ drive with Acronis True Image You need to put this on CD DVD or one of the Partitions. As if you lose anything you will have to buy OS and all software installed if it goes down

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