Partition a 2nd HDD in Win XP Home?

  Chris the Ancient 18:21 03 Feb 2004

At the moment, I am only thinking – and not committing – and seek advice.

I have a set up based on Win XP Home and I use a removable hard drive as a back-up system for mine and my wife’s data. The 2nd HDD also has a back-up (Norton Ghost) of my full operating system.

The 2nd HDD is configured as follows:

G:\ Primary partition 11.45Gbyte – containing my B-U OS

H:\ Extended partition logical drive 3.91Gbyte – currently blank

I:\ Extended partition logical drive 3.91Gbyte – containing back-up of all my data

J:\ Extended partition logical drive 3.91Gbyte – containing back-up of all my wife’s data

K:\ Extended partition logical drive 5.46Gbyte – has old and not really essential stuff on it

All partitions are formatted NTFS.

Drive I:\ is getting a little full. And I would *like* to maybe combine H:\ and I:\ into one. The way I read the help blurb, it seems possible to combine two logical drives, in NTFS, without needing such refinements as Partition Magic (which I can’t afford at the moment!)

Basically, can I pick your brains for thoughts on the matter please? Needless to say, the thought of anything going a bit iffy when I have all our back-up and archival info there makes me break into a cold sweat and causes other similar panic feelings!



  powerless 18:41 03 Feb 2004

Ghost I.

Delete the partition and H

You'll then get Freespace, create a new drive.

Restore the image to the new partiton.

P.S. Not sure on how Ghost works so please backup ;-))

  Chris the Ancient 18:48 03 Feb 2004

Can see the thoughts. Yup, Ghost could put I:\ on to K:\ (which I don't really need any more)

Reading the help blurb, it almost seems ridiculously easy to combine H:\ and I:\. Is it that easy? Is it SAFE!?

Then I could Ghost back to the new drive. Luckily Ghost is quite good at that - albeit a little on the slow side when both partitions are on the same HDD!

The sweat is easing a bit, but the laundry bill's not getting smaller yet!

Keep the thoughts coming!


  temp003 06:11 04 Feb 2004

If you don't use Partition Magic, that's what you do. Using PM to merge the two partitions may be a little quicker (without having to move data back and forth), but for what you do, no need to spend money on PM, and better keep it as simple as possible.

Make space in partition K, then either Ghost I, or simply select all folders and files on I and copy to K (probably quicker). Double check the result on K. Then in Disk Management, delete H and I, create new partition, format, and move data back to new partition (probably called H).

No need to sweat. Deleting H and I won't affect the other partitions.

  Chris the Ancient 08:43 04 Feb 2004

...for the reassurance, folks.

I'll make a bit of space in my life and probably do it at the weekend.

At least I now know it is that simple!


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