Solva 15:30 19 Apr 2007

Hi chaps is it at all possible to partion a drive without re-installing windows.

Basically I have a pc and I want to add partions with it but cant lose the data currently on it.

Thanks in advance

  recap 17:06 19 Apr 2007

Partition Magic should do what you want Solva

click here for a free trial download.

  Diemmess 17:27 19 Apr 2007

With Partition Magic it is straight forward by following the prompts.

Not a good idea unless there is a major chunk of space to play with. Broadly speaking leave about an equal amount of space to that already used, for C: to play with, and let the new partition have whatever is left spare. Your circumstances and commonsense should decide the apportionment.

  Solva 22:01 19 Apr 2007

Ok have downloaded a trial version of Partion Magic although not the one linked here as it just says a demo isnt available. But the version i have just practices it doesnt complete the task same with a demo of Partition manager. Does anyone know of any software I can use that will actually do the task. As Im desperate here.


  Solva 22:27 19 Apr 2007

Ok tried doing it using disk manager but it doesnt give me the option when I am right clicking on the empty area of my cdrive. Took a screen dump but photbucket wont upload it. So you'll have to take my word for it.


  Solva 22:29 19 Apr 2007

Ok heres the screen dump by the way im on XP SP2

Thanks click here

  Solva 08:48 20 Apr 2007

Hi guys anyone got any suggestions.


  Jack Hackett 09:23 20 Apr 2007

You cannot use Disk Management to create partitions on your existing System drive/Partition, Had the drive already have been partitioned then you could have played around with Non-System area with Disk Management.

As previously mentioned, you will need a 3rd party tool suck as Partition Magic (good tool I have used it myself) to repartition your existing single system partition. PM will do this and will kepp your data intact, BUt I would always recommend backing up your important data before doing so, just incase.

  Diemmess 09:36 20 Apr 2007

To my eyes you have two alternatives.

Either buy a copy of PQ magic
Buy another HD which you can either install as a secondary drive or mount in a powered case connect by USB as an extrnal drive.

40Gb (your present HD) is just about adequate to partition, but I suspect much of drive C: is occupied by data of every sort.
With hindsight it would have been easier to make a useful partition long ago when C: was much smaller.

I would recommend the extra HD however installed.

Trying to make a small partition and still leave some working space for C: is fraught with problems.

  Solva 11:45 23 Apr 2007


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