Partion size for xp

  deggsymann 10:51 02 Jan 2004

I currently have an old 8gb 5200rpm drive which is split into 2 x 4gb partitions (c and d drives) and a 40gb 7200rpm unpartitioned drive (e) where i store all my work - I am a graphic designer and files of >20gb are not unheard of in some catalogues.

I have xp installed onto the c drive and am always running out of space, so have treated myself to a 80gb drive in the sales.

My idea is to take out the old drive, partition the new drive and install xp again. My problem is how big a partition to give xp? I thought about 10gb, but is that too much.I usually install programmes onto the old d drive so i just had xp on c drive so thought i would do the same this time, or is that a bad idea?

Also i am running sp1. I have found the service pack folder in windows - which part of it do i need to reupgrade xp again or is a case of downloading the upgrade again.

Finally, will there be any noticable increase in speed on having a faster drive running xp?

Sorry for rambling on, i have eaten too many quality streets this morning and have become a bit hyperactive.

  Sheila-214876 11:08 02 Jan 2004

I think 10gb should be fine, always leave some extra. But don't install XP again on the new drive, once it is partitioned and formatted install it as a slave to your C: drive, take out your 40gb temporarily. You should now have C: (4gb partition) of your 8gb drive. D: 10gb partition of your 80gb drive. E: other 4gb partition of C: and F: remainder 60gb of your 80gb drive. Now download xxcopy from click here and just clone your C: drive to the 10gb partition. The command to use is xxopy c:\ d:\ /clone. When finished make the 80gb the master and the other drives slaves, and reboot

  DieSse 12:51 02 Jan 2004

You cannot clone an XP drive and have it bootable, by using XXCOPY.

You can do so by using XXCLONE click here

  Brian-336451 13:34 02 Jan 2004

I use a 'small' C: drive thus can back up with Norton Ghost easier, all my programs are 'Custom' loaded on a larger partitioned D: drive.

The C: drive has 7.5Gb size leaving about 2.5Gb free in practice. The used space includes the swapfile as well as I actually only have one hard disk (laptop).

Ghost backup yesterday took up 2Gb on my Backup partition.

Hope that helps a bit, you've certainly given it oodles of 'elbow room' if you do the 10Gb suggested above.

  Sheila-214876 15:02 02 Jan 2004

Sorry, DieSse I beg to differ. I have done it many times with no problem. I used to use xcopy but with XP xcopy doesn't like some of the long filenames. But I am always willing to learn. I will give your xxclone link a try as well.

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