Partion or add a disk?

  Taurus 16:36 18 Mar 2003

Hi all;

A few months ago I upgraded from Win 98 to XP. I have few regrets other than that I am unable to persuade XP to run some of my favourite, albeit elderly games, 7th Guest, Phantom Menace, to name but two. I have decided that I will create a dual boot machine so as to get the best of both worlds.

My dilemma is this, do I pay out for a copy of Partition Magic and chop up my 27 Gb hard drive, or do I use the money to buy a second drive? Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of both or pass on any advice. I am almost sold on the idea of adding a drive, the thought of extra storage space is quite appealing, but I would really appreciate your comments.

Many thanks to you all, keep up the good work and let's all send up a small prayer that PCA are able to keep this excellant forum going. Thanks guys


  Diemmess 16:50 18 Mar 2003

Depends on how much you value your data.

I would partition anyway to keep a minimal C: drive with the o/s and barest essentials.
This is backed up as an "image file" in another partiton against the day when the o/s goes silly.

Better still when you can afford a second HDD for sanctuary, but that's my order of play.

  Djohn 16:59 18 Mar 2003

Agree with Diemmess, why not buy a second drive now, Partition it, and move your operating system and files over. Then format your current drive and use as you wish. J.

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