Partion help please

  jimmylove 17:17 19 Apr 2004

Hi, I just bought a new Vaio (PGC-Z1XSP) and it's lovely. I notice that it's meant to have a 80GB HDD and they have partioned this at the factory into C: (around 20GB) and D: (around 47GB).

Unless you think it really necessary I'd much rather keep the whole thing as one C: drive. Can anyone tell me how to delete the partion and unify the two drives?


  Diodorus Siculus 17:34 19 Apr 2004

You will need something like Partition Magic if you don't want to lose your data.

I think that the way it is set up now is pretty good though - maybe the 47GB could be further partitioned but that is really a matter of choice.

  pj123 17:46 19 Apr 2004

Or you could download Ranish from click here which is free.

  wee eddie 19:25 19 Apr 2004

the hidden partition with the Sony installed OS, help and back-up files on it. About 13GB, may be a bit less so as to accommodate the HDD's own OS as well.

  paddyjack 20:10 19 Apr 2004

Personally I would leave it as is, my sys is operation system on one partition, data on other. Therefore if OS goes down data is safe and can be got at.

Just an opinion though

  BurrWalnut 20:18 19 Apr 2004

I agree with Paddyjack, keep the two partitions.

  jimmylove 09:05 20 Apr 2004

Thanks guys. I will keep it. One quick question - say I want to move my iTunes library froim the C: to the D: partition can I just add the folder there or drag and drop it?

  paddyjack 11:32 20 Apr 2004

Just drag it. If you have a desktop icon it will have to be redirected as well.

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