Parcleforce destroyed my PC

  noobtype 13:30 12 Mar 2008

Anyone had this? I sent one to my father and it arrived sealed, as though nothing had happened, but when we opened it up the chasis was smashed up, both of the sides were off and shoved down one side, disk drive hanging out, and DVI adaptor was missing. It was immaculatly packed before hand in it's computer box with polystyrene casings. God knows what happened.

They are being less than helpful with the insurance, like having the policy of taking 40 days to even respond.

My question is, if i wanted to replace the whole chasis, which is cracked and split on the front, how do i go about it? Is there a universal size?

It's a Packard Bell 1508/2

As the monitor adaptor was lost my dad hasn't had a chance to check if it even works yet, but i'm taking one home this weekend to cheeck it out. Worried about sensitive parts like the diskdrive and hard-drive.


  wee eddie 13:55 12 Mar 2008

Are you saying that the PC arrived in it's original packaging and that these things had happened without the package being opened?

Or: are you saying that the Post Office had resealed the packaging and that when you opened it, this is what you found?

  noobtype 14:07 12 Mar 2008

i'm saying it has clearly been opened and re-sealed by someone. It doesn't make sense to me either. I'm guessing it was dropped and that person heard a crunch, then opened it to see the damage and stuffed the bits back in. Which is nice.

  jimv7 15:05 12 Mar 2008

I hope you took photo's of it for proof.

  noobtype 15:13 12 Mar 2008

Yeah, and all proof of purchase, i made it as easy for them as i could.

  wee eddie 16:52 12 Mar 2008

Then allow them to push you back, if they won wear it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:00 12 Mar 2008

For that much damage to have occurred it must have been very, very, very badly handled.


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