parallel port & xp pro

  kimisam 23:43 16 Jan 2011


is anyone out there know where I can get a pc with a parallel port and windows xp pro?

many thanks

  bremner 23:58 16 Jan 2011

Probably not but very easy to add one click here

  GaT7 00:06 17 Jan 2011

What will you be using it for & what's your budget?

Probably no new PCs available, but there'll be secondhand ones that you could get.

Please be aware it doesn't need to have a parallel port, as a PCI one can be purchased separately for a relatively low cost & fitted. G

  GaT7 00:11 17 Jan 2011

bremner beat me to it about the PCI parallel card, but Maplin's are way too expensive - try Amazon instead click here. G

  bremner 00:13 17 Jan 2011

Agreed - I should have been clear it was an example not a recommendation :o(

  kimisam 18:22 17 Jan 2011

Hi Bremner,Hi Crossbow7,

thanks for your responses.

I need the windows xp for the business epos software that I'm using and the parallel port for the recipt printer.

my epos system comes with touch screen all in one about 5 years old and its dying beyond repair. the software runs only on windows xp!

can anyone out there help please
many thanks

  bremner 18:35 17 Jan 2011

A simple system for example

click here this has no O/S

Then add the PCI Parallel card from crossbow7 link click here

Then a copy of XP Pro click here

  GaT7 18:58 17 Jan 2011

If you don't want to spend almost £500, consider this Dell Optiplex 740 click here for only £230 which comes with XP Pro & a parallel port (see Tech specs tab at Dell click here).

I'm sure there are better value systems - will post if I find them. G

  GaT7 19:14 17 Jan 2011

More Dell refurb choices starting at £110 click here, but please be aware that not all come with an OS or XP Pro. G

  kimisam 15:09 18 Jan 2011

Hi guys,

many thanks for your help, really appreciated.

there is still one more problem though, the software I got is pre-loaded and I don't have a cd to load again. is there a way to move the programme from the old drive onto the new pc?



  GaT7 15:25 18 Jan 2011

It is possible with software like Laplink PCmover click here (review click here) but not free, quite slow & not always guaranteed to work.

I found it doesn't always work as it should, hangs half way through, etc. Ever since I had these problems I do a manual reinstall of all programs now. G

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