Parallel Iomega 100Mb Zip Drive USB Converter

  Woolwell 12:37 08 Mar 2006

I have an old Iomega parallel zip drive which works fine but new computer arriving next week doesn't have a parallel port. Is there a parallel usb converter for zip drives? I have seen converters for printers but do they work for zip drives?

  Big Elf 12:48 08 Mar 2006

I'm not sure if a USB Parallel port will work, they are available but seem pricey to me.

I have used a PCI Parallel port card in the past with my Zip drive and it worked fine. There's one at click here but you could probably find others a bit cheaper with a bit of searching around.

  Woolwell 12:54 08 Mar 2006

Agree that they seem pricey. I think that my cheapest option may be to get a used usb drive on e-bay and try to sell my old parallel drive.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 15:25 08 Mar 2006
  Woolwell 16:05 08 Mar 2006

Thank you - but does it work with an Iomega Zip Drive? Anyone got any experience?

  Marsh Warden © ™ 17:26 08 Mar 2006

Allows plug and play connection of all your parallel devices

Compact and lightweight

Compliant with USB v1.1

  Big Elf 18:19 08 Mar 2006

For that price I'd give it a go.

  Audeal 19:30 08 Mar 2006

Marsh Warden © ™: I was interested in this cable for my Zip Drive just like Woolwell, but noticed the description sounds like it is a printer cable and printer cables are different to a normal parallel cable. EG. "Product Description: Targus USB To Parallel Printer Cable parallel adapter". "Interfaces: 1 x parallel - IEEE 1284 (EPP/ECP) - 36 PIN Centronics". The Parallel socket on the computer is a fifteen pin D socket, so this might not do the job on the Zip Drive.

I may be wrong about this but it need careful checking before buying.

  Audeal 19:33 08 Mar 2006

My apologies It should have been 25 pins and not 15 as I stated. Sorry.

  Woolwell 20:51 08 Mar 2006

Audeal - I came to the same conclusion. I do not know if it will work with a zip drive. I think that I may need a parallel usb adaptor. These exist for laptops allowing parallel and serial connections to be connected via USB - but they are not cheap. Torn now between e-bay and scrapping my zip discs but they were very useful for quick back up of mainly financial data which was too large for a floppy. I have a memory stick so could use that I liked to rotate discs.

  Audeal 22:49 08 Mar 2006

I am reluctant to part with my trusted Zip Drive as I have so much stored on the discs. I does work ok with the parallel connection but I would like to use it with a USB connection as I do not keep it turned on when not in use and I have to re-boot when I want to use it. I will keep my eyes open for a suitable cable and convert if I should find one.

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