Paragon Partition Manager - Help needed!

  onza40 14:28 04 Aug 2007

I'm wanting to dual boot my (currently) XP computer with my new Vista ultimate edition, so I set out to create a primary drive partition to install vista to. I opened paragon partition manager and read that I had to create free space from an existing partition before I could make that free space into a new partition. I grabbed the edge of C: drive and dragged until I had a good 30gb or so of free space then told it to perform the operation, I needed to reboot to do it so 15mins later I opened paragon again but it won't let me do anything with the free space, I can't create a new partition out of it or anything. I've got a screenshot at the following link just to make it clear what it looks like at the moment, can somebody help me out please, cheers guys, Alex.

  onza40 14:33 04 Aug 2007
  onza40 16:02 04 Aug 2007

Sorry to bump this so soon but I'm trying to get this done soon.

  beeuuem 16:45 04 Aug 2007

Is it the 34Gb of free space that you want to use for Vista?
If so go to XP Control panel > Administrative Tools > Computer management > Disk management.
Find the free space, right click on it to create a partition, allocate a drive number and format it.

  onza40 16:57 04 Aug 2007

Surely there has to be some way to do it in paragon partition manager, I think I've done something fundamentally wrong at the outset.

  onza40 16:59 04 Aug 2007

Also for some unknown reason my administrative tools folder is empty...

  onza40 17:15 04 Aug 2007

Right, I found the disk management, but the option to create new partition is greyed out when I right click, any ideas?

  Dart Echo 17:41 04 Aug 2007

Try formatting the free space.

  onza40 20:29 04 Aug 2007

How do I format the free disk space, the option to format the disk space is greyed out in paragon partition manager, see the screenshot.

  beeuuem 21:46 04 Aug 2007

In XP Disk manager if you left click on the free space to highlight it and then right click which options do you get?

  onza40 16:58 05 Aug 2007

I think all I get is properties, anything useful is greyed out. Can someone please explain how to create a new primary partition from free space on a NTFS partition using paragon partition manager (6.something), I think I've done something wrong at the outset.

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