paragon exact image 7 se

  >steve< 20:05 10 Dec 2005

i want to make a image of my hd,when i fire up paragone software it mentions target,does that mean where the image will be sent or where the image is taken from.

  GroupFC 21:36 10 Dec 2005

I am not completely sure as I don't use it myself but judging by this click here I think the target partion refers to the partion where the image is sent. I think the partion where the image is taken from would be refered to as the source.

Does the s/ware not have any help files?

At least this will bump you up the listing!

  GroupFC 21:39 10 Dec 2005

Doh! that didn't work - try this click here and type in target in the search box having made the appropriate selections in the template.

  GroupFC 21:41 10 Dec 2005

I'm not having much luck - try this click here and click on support and then etc....

  VoG II 21:47 10 Dec 2005

I agree 'Target' is the destination:

Q: Can I copy a smaller hard drive onto a larger one?

A: Yes, you can copy a smaller hard drive onto a larger one. It is necessary to choose either of the following modes.
1. Do not change the size of partitions.
2. Resize partitions proportionally.
If Mode 1 is used then all the partition sizes on the target drive remain as original ones. So, there will be a free space at the end of your drive.
If Mode 2 is used then all the partitions are resized proportionally according to the change of the hard drive size (for instance, the target drive is twice larger then the source one, so every partition will be increased twic). It works for FAT, FAT32, NTFS and Ext2FS. All other partitions (HPFS, NetWare FS, Ext3FS, ReiserFS) will remain the same after the copy.

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