Paragon Drive Copy Cover Disc

  David4637 15:14 28 Feb 2009

Can someone please tell me whether the application for the above software( *.exe )is on the cover disc of Personal Computing World magazine for April 2009, or does one have to down load it from the Paragon web page, as I can not find the Drive Copy exe on the cover disc?
Thanks very much David

  BT 16:07 28 Feb 2009

It was on the PC Answers cover disc last month!!

  kjrider 16:31 28 Feb 2009

Just to say I tried it with my PC, but found the free download from Seagate far more useful. The Seaa gate one is done buy acronois.

  David4637 16:37 28 Feb 2009

Thanks BT but it is on the cover disc of PCW for April on page 133. I do not want to autorun the CD but just run the Paragon Drive copy exe file from its folder on the CD. But there is no exe file in the folder. Hence I wondered whether it has to be downloaded or not?
Any one to help - it would be appreciated. David

  David4637 16:42 28 Feb 2009

Just saw your reply after I had replied to BT.
Be grateful if you could tell me where the Paragon Drive Copy exe is on the disc as I could not find it - presume you did not have to download it from the net? Thanks David

  bjh 16:42 28 Feb 2009

To answer your question - YES

Paragon Drive Copy is on the disk, full version of Paragon Drive Copy SE. Online registration during install.

You also get a full version of Acronis v10 Home (VERY useful to have - better than Paragon utility I'd say).

There's also Paragon Recovery CD v4.0 (full ver) & Paragon Drive Backup v9 Full.

An unusually well-packed cover disk, and one that, for once, I'm glad to have!

  bjh 16:44 28 Feb 2009

Correctiuon - I'm listing the March 2009 disk - apologies.

Cover of magazine has "Rescue your files" as the banner heading.

  bjh 16:46 28 Feb 2009

.... and (we'll get there soon...) .... if you are looking at that disk, it's hidden in


as setup.exe.

But March disk, just to repeat!

  kjrider 00:08 01 Mar 2009

Try this for it click here

  David4637 14:17 01 Mar 2009

Thanks for replies.

1. I want to know where the Paragon Drive Copy exe file is on the Cover Disc in PCW April 09?

2. Is the Seagate Disc wizzard (Acronis)only for Seagate Hard Drives, as mine is not one?

Thanks David

  bjh 14:32 01 Mar 2009

1. No idea... but search the disk for dc9 folder, which should contain it, or for recovery.exe which should be in same folder. If not found, it isn't there. Is it meant to be on the April disk? I don't see it saying so.

2. Works with Maxtor and Seagate. You only need one of those drives in your machine for it to work with all other makes installed in same machine.

You might be better off asking here... click here

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