paragon drive copy

  kimisam 01:28 25 Jan 2008

I have just made a copy of my harddrive to a extenal harddrive, and I don't know what is wrong as I can not see the extenal drive in window explorer! it just disappear.

can anyone tell me what have I done wrong or how to get my extenal harddrive back please.

many thanks in advance.

  MCE2K5 02:33 25 Jan 2008

Sounds a bit like this thread, click here

  kimisam 18:50 27 Jan 2008

Hi MCE2k5,

thanks for your reply.

I found the extenal drive in disk management, can you tell me how to get the drive back to work as it use to be please, I don't mind to delete the back up and start again if I have to.

It shows as a separate drive in disk management, it a Iomega 500GB drive and I am runing windows xp.

many thanks

  kimisam 00:52 23 Feb 2008

HI people,
can anyone help with my problem plaese, my Iomega 500gb extenal drive has became a second drive in my PC, I have format the drive in a different PC with window vista, but still my XP pc can not recognise it as a usb drive, instead, I think its being read as a second drive.

any help will be greatly appreciated, I have used paragon drive copy to created this problem.


  rawprawn 08:08 23 Feb 2008

I tried the Backup program onto DVD's (Fortunately) and then found that you have to pay /ugrade to restore the backup. I had your problem but with DVD's. I solved it by Formatting them in Disk Management on my machine, and also you will find that you will need to rename your drive in disk management to give it your original drive letter.
I was furious that this "Full Program" did this, I spent 3 hours backing up, and another hour figuring how to get back to normal.
Good luck finding the drive, try reinstalling it and rebooting.

  kimisam 19:52 24 Feb 2008

hi rawprawn,

thanks for your inputs, I now can not even use this usb drive in any other computers.

although I can see it in my xp pc, but I can not do anything with it, is anyone out there can help please.


  rawprawn 08:33 25 Feb 2008

"although I can see it in my xp"
Are you looking at it in Windows Explorer or Disk Management?
If you can see it in Disk Management and can't do anything with it, I have a feeling that it has died, it may just be a coincidence that you were using Paragon.
If anyone has any ideas now is the time!

  kimisam 01:31 26 Feb 2008

hi rawprawn,

yes I can see it in disk management but not in windows explorer, can anyone help please.


  rawprawn 08:11 26 Feb 2008

If you can see it in Disk Management Right Click on the drive and choose Format

  kimisam 01:07 01 Mar 2008

Hi rawprawn,

I tried to do just that but there is no format option. it has only has help or properties.

any other suggestions?


  rawprawn 07:39 01 Mar 2008

Hi kimisam
I am sorry that you are in this position, I'm afraid I can't offer any other suggestion except that it may be worthwhile trying Paragon Support.

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