Paper wont load on printer

  Kernow999 16:02 15 Jul 2004

I have an HP Deskjet 610c printer. Suddenly, when going to use it, the paper wont load and it makes a horrible grinding noise.
Any suggestions?

  Belatucadrus 16:48 15 Jul 2004

Check that the paper feed rollers are rotating when the printer tries to pick up, if they are clean them with something like this click here If they aren't then it could be a more serious mechanical problem and fixing it, even a 610 may not be cost effective.

  Kernow999 16:54 15 Jul 2004

The rollers are not going around! Oh dear.Also get a message say that it is out of paper. It is not. Doesn't sound good, eh?

  jack 17:46 15 Jul 2004

Time bin it I'm afraid repairs arnt cost effective on printers.

Next try a top feed printer Epson is best
Then Canon - Lexmark???????????????

  Meshuga 17:48 15 Jul 2004

As the paper feed rollers are not revolving it sounds as though the drive gear has had it and, as Belatucadrus has said, probably cheaper to replace machine. My experience with trying to get a printer repaired is that repair shops dont want to touch them because of the cost. Meshuga

  Kernow999 18:46 15 Jul 2004

Thanks for that. Any other recommendations for good, cost effective printers, please?

  Wak 19:30 15 Jul 2004

Seeing that you are most probably going to have to replace your printer, I'd be inclined to have a go at stripping it down to see what the problem is. Nothing is lost and you may just be able to repair it and learn something to your advantage about printers .

  Kernow999 19:48 15 Jul 2004

Nice idea. Cheers. Worth a fiddle!

  gregori 20:57 15 Jul 2004

You did not say that the rollers didn't turn so I'll assume that they do. The temporary fix is to moisten the rollers with a wet finger.
I have had this problem a couple of times with my own and a friends printer. A longer lasting solution is to clean the rollers with the sort of stuff you find under the sink usually reserved for cleaning greasy stains from worktops. Next clean it with alcohol. You may have to take it apart to get all around the rollers.

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