panda titanium 2004 antivirus not updating

  maarraa 16:19 13 Dec 2005

all of a sudden my panda titanium 2004 antivirus is NOT updating properly. it keeps saying "protection level-LOW". in the self-diagnosis section of the automatic protaction it says in red "automatic antivirus protection: error". when i click the more info option next to it i get a message "internal antivirus error. an error has occured in your antivirus". then it recommends: "it is advisable to restart your computer. if the problem persists, reinstall the antivirus".
on another section headed "automatic protection settings" where the recommended automatic protection is enabled by checking the box, it states in red " the automatic file protection could not load properly".
i have restarted the computer on numerous occasions-made no difference. then dowmloaded thru panda website the antivirus again. then uninstalled antivirus and reinstalled downloaded antivirus- again no difference-same problems.
also get message " could not update virus signature file".
please help as now afraid to connect to the internet incase a virus is downloaded due to the panda antivirus not working properly. thanks.

  woodchip 16:59 13 Dec 2005

Did you get this free with Computer?

  maarraa 17:11 13 Dec 2005

no. bought in 2004 for 3 years.

  woodchip 17:19 13 Dec 2005

They think it's not payed uptodate

  Brumas 23:12 13 Dec 2005

I have to admit I used Panda Platinum for a couple of years but had similar problems plus a few other little niggles,(do they ever reply to emails?), so I changed to NOD32 and have never looked back.

  VoG II 23:16 13 Dec 2005

Cut your losses and get AVG Free click here

  ami 00:59 14 Dec 2005

I had a similar problem with Panda Titanium 2004 and after contacting Panda was advised that v2004 will no longer accept up-dates and I should up-grade to v2005.
Panda sent me a CD after similar problems as you're having downloading a new version from their website. Since un-installing v2004 and installing v2005 from the CD it has worked perfectly. I know this will upset some Forum members but you get what you pay for, Panda is far superior to AVG or other free programmes.
Stick with it, contact Panda by 'phone and insist on the latest version on CD, you've paid for it so don't take 'no' for an answer.

  007al 01:20 14 Dec 2005

I used panda titanium 2005 and loved it! it was simple to use and reliable.
Then,after an update,i had the same problems as maarraa,with panda telling me to restart my computer and reinstall if it didnt work.
After this happend countless times,i gave up and went to AVG.Not a problem since!
In what way do you think panda is far superior to a free program?
I dont agree with"you get what you pay for",as i`ve used Norton and it is awful!(im not the only one on here with that view either)

  ami 13:37 15 Dec 2005

I agree with you about Norton, it gave me headache when I had it but as for my other comments I can only speak as I find.
Over the years I've tried most anti-virus programmes, both free and paid for and while Panda seemed to place too great a demand on my old system to be successful, on a new more powerful computer it works flawlessly, warning if a proposed connection is unsafe, vetting emails with a warning if suspect in any way, but still allowing you to over-ride it's warning. Automatically up-dating itself without disrupting other work and just getting on with it's job.
I've never had a virus infection (touch wood 28 times)while using it and every time I've had to deal with an infected computer it's been using AVG, Avast or, on one occasion, McAfee.
The problem with recommending any AV programme is that if you've never had a virus then the conclusion is that your programme is the best, although it could be that you are just careful opening attachments or emails from un-known sources, or that you're just lucky!
I think it's also true to say that some AV programmes work better on one computer that on another, due to programme conflicts, resources etc.
If it works for you, whatever it is, then fine and for me it's Panda.

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