Panda AV

  Sirpad 14:57 08 Nov 2005

I have a friend who has asked me about an AV called Panda. There are posts out there about uninstalling it which doesn't sound too promising.

Anyone have the lowdown on it? Is it any good?

  The Kestrel 15:25 08 Nov 2005

Your friend would be much better off using either AVG or Avast, both of which are free. They both work well and provide updates free and automatically to your PC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:30 08 Nov 2005

There is no nee for a home user to pay for an AV, firewall or spyware remover. AVG is what many use as an AV.


  Sirpad 16:00 08 Nov 2005

Thanks guys......she has already bought it so I was wondering if anyone had any actual experience with it (pros and cons).

  ade.h 20:38 08 Nov 2005

I tried it once and found that Panda can be a bit of a resource-hog. Reckoned to have quite strong heuristics, but that's not the be-all and end-all. Definition updates are critical and things like AVG and Avast are reckoned to be at least as good in that area.

My personal faves of the many that I have tried are NOD32 (if you want to pay) and Avast (if you don't). F-Secure ranks a very close third, but would be my top choice if it was free.

  Sirpad 20:54 08 Nov 2005

Thanks Fourm Member and Ade.H.........

This may explain why the posts I found that referenced Panda were about how to uninstall it.

I too have NOD32, ade.h, and am very pleased with it.

  007al 22:14 08 Nov 2005

i use panda was on a magazine disc,free for a happy with it,it doesnt hog at all.
my kid`s pc has avg,which is also good.
what version panda does your friend have? i tried platinum for a while,and its not as full as titanium,seems to have less options in it.

  woodchip 22:50 08 Nov 2005

It is a good AV I used the Free one for six months. then went the Avast route

  Exco 22:21 25 Jan 2006

Panda is the best I have ever come across. I have 4 HDDs in my machine and I had been using AVG after an old version of Norton ran out. I decided to purchase Norton 2006 and trying to uninstall an older version left me with no alternative but to do a clean install. (Why do the Norton people insist on making it impossible to remove their products?)

I purchased and installed Panda. It found a huge number of problems that the other AV programs had missed. Not only that, it stops diallers, spyware, intrusions in you wireless network and all sorts of things that the others do not.

My machine runs a lot quicker than it did when it had Norton installed.

I would thoroughly recommend Panda AV.

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