panda active scan emails ;anyone else get them?

  p;3 16:16 25 Jun 2005

having utiliized only once I believe, the Panda scan facility, to discover that it only checks but does nowt else for my pc; I have now received I think 3 mails from them seemingly asking me to update my program on here ; does anyone else receive these; they do not appear to be spam, and wonder how, apart from either binning them, clicking on the "dont send more", I can persuade them, to leave me alone:)

or may there be something embedded somewhere in my pc that has not shown up on scans that needs to be removed?

  Taff36 17:29 25 Jun 2005

Like you received two about five minutes apart in the last half hour. Think I`ll report them for spamming or did I "opt in" when I did an online scam? mmmmm....

  p;3 19:17 25 Jun 2005

if memory serves; I had to give them my mail address when I asked for the scan so they could verify me; but since when does that give them permission to then send me mails that I am not interested in nor in proceeding any further with their product?

  gudgulf 19:32 25 Jun 2005

I've recieved one such message from Panda....looks like I can expect more then!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:54 25 Jun 2005

You are using an open net and anyone can mail you if they want to, if anyone has your home address they are can send you snail mail. Any address is not part of the Official Secrets Act which is one of the joys of living in a democratic society. If the mails get into the hundreds then you can do something about it. Deleting the few emails is not too arduous a task and they are only doing what you are exposed to hundreds of times a day....advertising.


  p;3 20:02 25 Jun 2005

have been sorely tempted to click on the link to "send no more mails", but have decisted and chucked the mail; however, seemingly the only way, if memory serves, to get the scan done originally was to give them my mail address; yea; so dont do the scan and dont give the mail address; is this their way of getting their product sold , that you have to buy the paid for version for any work to be done from the original scan that only tell you what may be wrong but no fix provided unless you go for the paid version? bit cheeky aint it?

and, watch out folks; looks like more of these mails on the way for us:((

  Taff36 20:39 25 Jun 2005

Here`s the link click here I`d just fill in your e-mail and be done with it.

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