Panasonic tv connections

  tebbitt 20:27 11 Mar 2008

Please advise on best way to connect tv with hdmi and freview, a hdd/dvd rcorder with hdmi and freeview and a dvd/vcr combi to achive maximum versitility and benifit.

  bremner 21:11 11 Mar 2008

TV to HDD/DVD via HDMI and DVD/VCR via Scart

  woodchip 21:22 11 Mar 2008

It should show you pictures in the book you got with the items

  woodchip 21:23 11 Mar 2008

Plus on the Back of Scart sockets it tells you what to connect to

  audeal 23:12 11 Mar 2008

Try this site for a connection wizard. click here

Second column from the right (Connection Wizard.The blue box) and click on "Launch the Which? TV connection wizard".

Run the wizard and it should show you how to set it up.

  FatboySlim71 23:41 11 Mar 2008

I have a Panasonic LCD TV and it will show you the connection methods in the instruction book.

I have a HDD/DVD recorder connected via HDMI, my Sky box is connected via a scart, PS3 connected via HDMI.

Another thing I would recommend is to get really good quality scart leads (basically spend as much as you can afford!) I use Monster Scart leads and they are certainly a lot better than the £3 ones you get in some shops. The Monsters are fully wiried (which is important for some of the TV's functions, i.e. one touch recording, auto turn on of TV when DVD, HDD/DVD recorder is switched on, there is also some other features but I can't remember these at this time) also the Monsters are fully screened so you get no interference whatsoever.

  audeal 22:42 12 Mar 2008

Message sent to me from Tebbitt by e-mail. Posted here for all to see.

audeal, thanks for the tv connection wizard, a fine site. However the dvd recorder listed did not indicate a hdmi output. Is it possible to record one programme on the dvd recorder and a different channel on the vcr and does that mean the aerial has to be split? or is it wishful thinking. tebbitt


Hi Tebbitt. Please post any messages onto the forum for other interested members to read and learn from. Thanks.

I can't really help you on the DVD Recorder as I do not have a recorder only a DVD Player.

My setup is as follows: I split the ariel with a two way splitter, one ariel goes to my TV set and the other goes into my Bedroom where I have my computer for video capture. Also a freeview box and a VCR. In the bedroom, the ariel lead goes into the digibox (freeview box) and a scart lead goes from the digi box to the vcr. I have another lead from the vcr going to the video capture device for the pc and a lead from there to the pc.

With this setup I can record two programs at the same time by recording one in the bedroom and the other in the living room recording from the main TV which has built in freeview. Because of the setup in the bedroom going through the vcr I can record the same program onto video as a backup incase the video capture fails for any reason, (which is not unknown).

I am new to Digital, so I do not know what this HDMI is, so I can't help you here.

I believe the only way to record two programs from the same equipment it to use Analog. I believe to do this in Digital is to have two separate setups. If you have a built in freeview on your TV then you will need to connect a freeview box to your system using a separate ariel and connect it to the vcr or the dvd recorder.

This means you will have, for example, your dvd recorder connected to your TV and the vcr connected to the separate freeview box. To do this you will need to split the ariel so one goes to the TV as usual and the other goes to the freeview box.

I can't think of any other way to explain this to you. It can be so confusing at times.

  tebbitt 17:16 13 Mar 2008

Many thanks to audeal, Fat Boy Slim and Tals Zen for their replies. If I split the incoming normal aerial so that one goes to the dvd recorder with built in freeview and another to the vcr recorder will I be able to record a digital channel on the dvd recorder and a different analog programme on the vcr recorder at the same time? I know that the TV & DVD recorder have HDMI connections and normal scart leads between the Tv and VCR. Any further comments most welcome.


  woodchip 17:33 13 Mar 2008

To record two Analog or Digital you need two Tuners a lot of Digital Recorders have two mine does and it lets me record two freeview at the same time, but I cannot then watch another Chanel unless I leave Digital recorder recording, and switch to Analog to watch a analog Chanel

  audeal 19:18 13 Mar 2008

tebbitt. Are you saying that both your TV and DVD Recorder have built in Freeview. If this is the case then I do not see why you could not record from you TV onto the VCR and record onto the DVD Recorder with it's built in freeview.

The only problem I can see is that you will need to view both setups when setting up the recordings, so another tv might be needed.

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