panasonic lumix diagnose photo problem

  zcanda 18:28 12 May 2007

I have been using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 for a year or so with excellent results. Recently my photos have been very weird with a pinkish glow in the middle and blurry parts. In a photo that included a stair railing, the railing looks like it is dripping or melting or something. Can I upload examples for someone to look at to help me figure out if this is repairable or if I just need to buy a new camera?

  MIke 18:40 12 May 2007

In the good old days of film, strange colours on the picture was an indication of light reaching the film, that shouldn't be reaching it. It was known as fogging, and usually occured if the camera back wasn't closed properly or if the light seals were faulty. Obviously there is no back as such with a digital camera, but there could be areas where light leakage could occur. Another possibility could be a faulty sensor. I'm not familiar with your model of camera. Does it have adjustable ISO settings? If so does it occur at all settings?

If the camera is at fault it's probably not worth the expense of repairing, as most things these days are unfortunately not 'worth' repairing when you take into account the cost of a repair vs a new item with guarantee.

I'd be interested in seeing your photos if you want click on the envelope next to my name to get my e-mail address


  mocha 21:29 12 May 2007

Check this out click here and scroll down to 'Image Sensor Defects'. See if this is your problem.

  woodchip 21:32 12 May 2007

Contact Panasonic ask there advice click here

  zcanda 22:39 12 May 2007

I did get an offer from Mike to view my photos, and I will send him a couple. But then I viewed the "image sensor defects" photos and that is exactly what I have, though those were more exaggerated. I think I am out of warranty, so I don't see Panasonic helping me out. Have sent them an inquiry though. Thanks to all 3 of you for taking the time to answer.

  anchor 14:58 13 May 2007

Surely an expensive item like this should work OK for more than a year.

I recall that a few years ago the EU wanted to make all warranties at least 2 years. At that time the UK failed to take any action, on the basis that we were already protected under consumer law.

Perhaps someone with knowledge of the appropriate section of consumer law could advise zcanda on this.

  woodchip 16:48 13 May 2007

Goods only lasting a year can be classed as not fit for purpose, I would should be repaired. no matter about the warranty

  Peachy82 11:45 31 Jul 2008

I'm also using a Panasonic Lumix, I spent the whole day doing a photoshoot for a fashion website and just today I put my card into the card reader and my Mac took sometime to read the card. (cardreader light flickering). Then a window popped up reading

'The disc was not repairable by this computer. It is being made available to you with limited functionality. You must back up your data and reformat the disc as soon as possible.'

On the camera the pictures are fine, but on the computer most of them have parts missing or in some cases a luminous green or pink colour over the entire image! I still have the pictures on the camera, I don't wannt to transfer them to my computer because then the original non-corrupt pictures will be lost forever! I'm stuck. Is there are anything I can do to salvage these?

I have tried another card and it is absolutely fine, so it is definitely not the camera. I am sure I should have re-formatted the card, this is, i'm sure the problem. But how do I make these images readable? HELP please!

  sinbads 12:51 31 Jul 2008

Could you not copy your photo's to the camera then format the SD card ( this option is in the menu ... copy options are to copy to camera or copy from camera.

Once transfered use only your camera to format the sd card or better still get a new card cheap enough now..... copy pic's from your camera to sd card

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